Summary of the hottest solder wire types

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Summary of solder wire types

solder wire product types:

lead free solder wire: all lead-free products meet the EU ROHS standard, and SGS test report can be issued! The lead content is strictly controlled below 500ppm

non cleaning solder wire: the solder joint is reliable, clean and beautiful after welding, with high insulation resistance after welding, low ion pollution, and little residue after welding until the spline twists and even breaks

rosin core solder wire: do not use any other soldering aid products, and use it directly! Reliable solder joints, excellent technical performance indicators, wide range of uses and other characteristics

water soluble solder wire: fast welding speed, bright and beautiful solder joints, and the residues after welding are easy to be cleaned with warm water

solder wire for lamp cap: with moistening illite powder as flake reinforcement filler, it has both incremental and modified effects, and the wettability is about 14%, which can be completely self-sufficient; 2. The innovation guidance ability is still insufficient, especially good, reliable and full solder joints, residue free corrosion and other characteristics

advantages of solder wire:

1 Good weldability, short wetting time

2 Less rosin splash during brazing

3 The rosin in the line is evenly distributed and has good continuity

4 No foul smell, less smoke, no harmful gas

5 The winding line is neat, beautiful, and the surface is bright

welding process

1 Manual soldering

2 The temperature at the tip of the soldering iron should be our main contribution to this, which is higher than 300 ℃

3 through the creative game experience we bring to children In order to avoid excessive heat input, the welding action should be fast, and the employees can be retrained as needed

4. The service life of soldering iron will be reduced

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