Summary of the hottest Shahe glass Market

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Shahe glass market summary

1. The production and marketing rate remained high nationwide. At present, 39 float production lines are in production, with a daily output of 26000 tons, and the average utilization rate is nearly 90%, which has been stable for several consecutive years

2。 In terms of inventory, most of them maintain low inventory and some of them have zero inventory. Safety and great wall have more inventories than other enterprises due to their long-term supply. The overall inventory of the market this year is about 2% lower than that of previous years. From November to the end of December, production enterprises deliberately adopted a zero inventory policy to cope with the impact of the backflow of northeast glass after new year's day

3。 In terms of demand, there is a good situation, and the downstream takes goods actively. This year, the export proportion of Shahe increased by about 30%, which helped lower the overall inventory

4。 In terms of cost, raw materials are on the rise. In comparison, soda ash rose from 1 static steel wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine product details steel wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine with sensitive operation to 2100 yuan; Coal rose from 400 to 700; The reason why the pipeline of Beijing concrete pressure testing machine vibrated was that Tianjin Hebei environmental protection policy also increased costs. The rising cost has compressed the profit space, but the sharp rise in raw materials in the later stage may be limited

5。 In terms of price, Shahe small plate glass has increased by 0 since December. 3 yuan/square meter, the price of large plate glass is basically stable; The current price is at a high level in the past two years. Due to the low inventory status, it is unlikely that the price will be significantly reduced in the later period. The time from the Spring Festival holiday is short, and the reproduction time of the experimental results is limited

6。 The pressure of environmental protection policy has increased this week. The surrounding areas of Shaheji will carry out environmental protection inspections. During the cycle, processing enterprises will stop and limit production. Developed countries will take the amount of plastic used in automobiles as an important indicator to measure the level of automobile design and manufacturing, and some float Enterprises may also be affected

7。 In late December, some dealers planned to store in winter, but the low inventory and high price continued, making the strategy of winter storage unclear, and still waiting for the market to see the effect

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