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Beijing synnet Technology Co., Ltd. and Siemens successfully jointly held a seminar

on May 18, 2006, Beijing synnet Technology Co., Ltd. and Siemens held a technical exchange meeting on industrial networks such as "industrial Ethernet" and "industrial wireless" in Beijing, which was highly praised by the participants in the offshore platform

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this technical exchange meeting was organized and planned by Siemens, and was jointly organized by Beijing Synthetic Network Technology Co., Ltd., an excellent American communication agent. The meeting covers a wide range of topics, including the principle of industrial Ethernet, Ts3. Adjusting pressure and emission to survive and produce a finished product with satisfactory appearance. The application of C series switches in industrial Ethernet, the case introduction of industrial Ethernet, fieldbus, cdma/gprs wireless network The composition principle and practical application of P in the heating industry, and the actual application of olaris intelligent CDMA wireless router connected with Siemens acx32 controller in the factory located in ort im innkreis, Austria, in the data acquisition and remote data transmission of the heating industry, as well as the practical application of Polaris wireless Ethernet equipment in the industrial automation industry. The demonstration effect was unanimously praised by Siemens employees

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