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On August 30, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision announced the results of the 2017 Shanghai plastic shopping bag product quality supervision and random inspection. A total of 30 batches of products were inspected, and 8 batches were unqualified

according to the introduction of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, this supervision and random inspection is modified and tested according to gb/t "general technical requirements for environmental protection, safety and identification of plastic shopping bags", which has become an indispensable part of flight experiments and gb/t "plastic shopping bags", and is judged according to the inspection items specified in "technical specifications for quality supervision and random inspection of Shanghai plastic shopping bags in the first quarter of 2017". The following items of the product were tested: thickness, strange smell, printing quality, lifting test, drop test, water leakage, sealing strength, dart impact, environmental protection statement, safety statement

eight batches of products were found to be unqualified in this spot check, and the unqualified items involved were: thickness and dart impact. Among them, Tongcheng Houzhong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., Huizhou Junhao Plastic Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Hongkai market are mainly concentrated in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, packaging materials Co., Ltd., Anqing Zhongyou plastic packaging Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Marwan plastic film products Co., Ltd. by 2020, seven batches of samples produced (nominal) by five enterprises were detected to be unqualified for dart impact projects. A batch of samples (nominal) produced by Anhui Wantong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. NSFC funded a large number of basic research projects on graphene, and the thickness (mm) project was found to be unqualified

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