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Henan Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision conducted a provincial supervision and spot check on the quality of 43 kinds of products such as bedclothes in the fourth quarter of 2016, and in 2017, it strived for the main drafting power of relevant product standards, and announced the results of the spot check at its official on February 10. A total of 80 batches of paint products produced by 32 enterprises in 8 provinces, including Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang, Pingdingshan, Xinxiang, Puyang, Nanyang and Shangqiu, which have led to the research and trial of the utilization of international automotive composites, and 2 counties (cities) directly under the jurisdiction of Dengzhou and Changyuan, were selected for the spot check, and 2 batches of products did not meet the standard requirements

according to gb/t alkyd resin coating, gb/t solvent based acrylic resin coating, gb/t nitro coating, hg/t zinc rich primer, gb/t epoxy asphalt anticorrosive coating, hg/t solvent based polyurethane coating (two components), etc. and the implementation plan for Henan Province supervision and random inspection of the quality of the fourth batch of paint products in 2016, the status, adhesion, drying time, fineness, nonvolatile content The content of metallic zinc in non-volatile matter, outflow time, hardness, hiding power, bending resistance, cupping test, salt water resistance, flexibility, impact resistance and other material properties were tested

after sampling inspection, 78 batches of products meet the standard requirements, and 2 batches of products do not meet the standard requirements, involving fineness, impact resistance, adhesion and flexibility

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