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The second fitmi achievement award ceremony was held in Hong Kong

on December 5, 2012, the second fitmi achievement award ceremony of the Hong Kong Federation of innovation, technology and manufacturing industries was held in the banquet hall of Hyatt Regency Hotel, Shatin, Hong Kong. A total of more than 320 guests, including friends from all walks of life and Mr. Lam ho on, public relations director of the Hong Kong printing society and founder of the website, attended the opening ceremony. The fitmi achievement award invited Yang Yi, Vice Minister of the Ministry of economy of the joint office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, as the guest of honor to recognize the contributions and achievements of industry elites. The ceremony officially began after the guests lined up and entered the venue. The sales of extrusion machinery of the Hong Kong Federation of innovation, technology and manufacturing industries will usher in a period of the fastest growth. Chairman Li Yuanfa of the Federation delivered speeches successively. The award dinner was also supplemented by small programs such as talk shows and lottery with the theme of enterprise inheritance for the development of Hong Kong's industry, the third industrial revolution, innovative technology and manufacturing industry. Everyone gathered together to celebrate the night

fitmi achievement award introduction

fitmi achievement award includes three awards: innovation and technology achievement award, outstanding manufacturing achievement award and new generation achievement award

innovation and technology achievement award

has significant development and achievements in innovative technology or products, making the company embark on a new direction and market. In the field of science and technology, show environmental awareness and high-efficiency organic lining achievements such as spec. In the process of practicing and innovating the development of science and technology, we should carry forward the team spirit and sustainable development

outstanding manufacturing achievement award

an effective treatment method can not only ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration unit, but also effectively regulate the energy consumption and refrigerating capacity of the refrigeration system. It has made remarkable achievements in the manufacturing industry and made a lot of contributions in the industry. In the field of manufacturing, it is in a leading position to show high manufacturing capacity and environmental awareness. Implement social and sustainable development

the new generation has made great achievements. Sometimes it also adopts cast structure, cast steel, cast aluminum, etc. 3 The requirement Award for fixture structure

has made remarkable achievements in the inheritance and development of the family industry, introducing new management, technology, products, markets or concepts, so that the family industry can embark on new development and a higher level. In society, display free services and contributions

Introduction to the Hong Kong Federation of innovation, technology and manufacturing

the Hong Kong Federation of innovation, technology and manufacturing was founded in August 1997 to unite chambers of Commerce, associations and societies in the innovation, technology and manufacturing industry. At present, there are ten affiliated members, including the Hong Kong Hardware Association, the Hong Kong metal surface treatment association, the Hong Kong Metal Manufacturers Association, the Hong Kong Plastic Machinery Association, the Hong Kong electroplating industry association, the Hong Kong mold and product technology association, the Hong Kong die casting and casting industry association, the Hong Kong screw industry association, the Hong Kong key parts manufacturing industry association and the Hong Kong innovation society. Affiliated enterprises and individual members have a total of nearly 2000 units, employing more than one million employees in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. In addition to the members of the Tuanjie Association, the Association maintains contact and exchanges with all walks of life, and sets up contact industry mechanisms, including patent affairs, electrical appliance manufacturing, electronics, far infrared, energy conservation and environmental protection, audio technology, clocks and watches and other industries

as a bridge between the industry and the government, domestic and overseas institutions, the Hong Kong Federation of innovation, technology and manufacturing promotes mutual communication and contact, reflects and provides relevant industry opinions. It has also maintained close contact with the Hong Kong industrial sector to assist the government in formulating correct industrial policies. Gather solidarity among industries, strive for government attention and support, and assist the industry in developing markets, scientific research and technology; The aim of moving towards high-quality and high value-added production is to enhance the position of the industry in Hong Kong's industry and international trade

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