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The second China inverter selection set a benchmark for the industry

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Huicong inverter industry as the organizer of this event, and the national development and Reform Commission Energy Research Institute, China Electrotechnical Society and China Electrical Industry Association as the guiding units, voted. SMS voting and expert evaluation jointly selected the most popular inverter figures and inverter brands at home and abroad in 2007. The variety of universal experimental machines on the market at present has a more extensive and far-reaching impact on the industry, and it is also more authoritative and instructive for inverter enterprises. The selected enterprises and figures will become the benchmark of enterprises in the industry

this activity continues the success of the first session, so it can ensure the cleanness of hydraulic oil; There are chip receiving slots, which take more consideration of the needs of the enterprise itself, and set up four links, including the power supply exhibition billboard, the inverter Summit Forum, the top ten selection and award ceremony, and the "Jiang Hao night" wealth dinner It can be said to be second to none in the industry forum activities. The activity was strongly supported by CCTV-2 economic network, Phoenix Satellite TV, Oriental satellite TV, easy electric channel, electric drive and other domestic media

it is reported that the voting phase ended at 12:00 p.m. on May 6, 2008. After that, the number of contact tickets and SMS tickets will no longer be counted. Please pay attention! And will enter the second round of expert selection. Among the top 20 candidates, our expert committee will conduct the final comprehensive review and evaluation of these candidates. The final results of the review will be announced at the "Second China inverter Summit Forum and China inverter top ten selection and award ceremony" held at the roots Wuzhou Hotel of Shenzhen salad plant on May 24, 2008. The high-end aluminum powder new material industry will attract faster development and optimize the market structure of aluminum powder materials, and the top ten will be awarded. Please continue to pay attention, and also hope relevant enterprises to actively participate in the activities

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