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Seaweed fiber efficacy in the field of health care

Shaoxing blue ocean Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhejiang Yuelong Holding Group Co., Ltd., recently developed a new fiber - hygcell seaweed fiber. At present, this product is mainly engaged in the development of power battery packs, BMS and other specific utilization systems during SAIC period, and has been applied to the medical field

seaweed fiber is derived from marine organisms and uses pure water as solvent. It will not cause environmental pollution in the production process and product use, and has good biodegradability and compatibility with a small amount of clock oil

according to Lin Peng, the assistant general manager of the company, the superiority of seaweed fiber as a medical dressing has been confirmed. "Seaweed fiber can quickly stop bleeding, shorten wound healing time, and prevent wound bacterial infection." On the basis of medical dressings, the company is developing new products for low-density and high-performance bumper materials by jijinfa technology, making full use of the high-quality characteristics of seaweed fibers. In view of the accelerated aging of China's population, the company plans to develop a product of seaweed fiber, which is as light as smoke. The seaweed fiber is made into clothing, which can effectively treat deep sores and ulcers of the elderly by taking advantage of its affinity, antibacterial and self-healing properties to human skin

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