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The second China Construction Engineering Materials Summit Forum and Jinying prize awarding ceremony II

the second China Construction Engineering Materials Summit Forum and Jinying prize awarding ceremony II

June 29, 2010

[China paint information] [sunqixin]: leaders, dear friends, what is being held here is the 2010 Second China Construction Engineering Materials Summit Forum and Jinying prize awarding ceremony. Now we will announce the list of winners and give awards. First issue the first batch. 2010 China Construction Engineering Materials key recommended brand Jinying award energy saving product award

1 Shanghai Huafeng PUEN Polyurethane Co., Ltd. Huafeng PUEN all fluorine-free flame retardant polyurethane plate

2 Shanghai Jiajie Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. jiaconcrete ecological permeable road system

3 Shanghai Aidi Technology Development Co., Ltd. Aidi waterproof and thermal insulation material

4 Shanghai Ronghua Industrial Co., Ltd. ronghua packaging building

5 Shanghai Zhengou Energy Conservation Department Technology Co., Ltd. Zhengou inorganic thermal insulation board

6 Shanghai Chengqi plastic products factory Chengqi anchor bolt

7 Shanghai Longzhen Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Longzhen thermal insulation material

8 Shanghai fujinte metal decorative material Co., Ltd. fujinte aluminum alloy decorative plate

9 Suzhou Taohua construction energy saving material Co., Ltd. Taohua thermal insulation mortar

10 Wuhan Daquan energy saving plate Co., Ltd. Daquan plate

11 Shenzhen Mingyuan Fluorine coating Co., Ltd. Mingyuan building coating

12 Fujian Asia Pacific Building Materials Co., Ltd. Asia Pacific plastic

13 Tianbao Tiangang CL structural system of Tianbao Tiangang Construction System Co., Ltd. of Tianbao Group Zhuozhou City

14 Shanghai Qipei Hardware Co., Ltd. Qipei new combined support and hanger

2010 Jinying Award for key recommended brand of construction engineering materials in China integrity management award

1 Shanghai Jinning Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jinning construction Steel trade

2 Shanghai Xiben Steel Trade Development Co., Ltd. Xiben construction steel trade

3 Shanghai Kenfa Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. Kenfa construction steel trade

4 Zhejiang Tiansheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd. Tiansheng steel structure

5 Wenzhou Maxin Stone Industry Co., Ltd. MT stone

6 Zhejiang (Taizhou) Zhongchang water treatment equipment Co., Ltd. Zhongchang water treatment

7 Guangdong Kehao curtain wall engineering Co., Ltd. Kehao building curtain wall

8 Zhejiang Anji Xinxiang Aluminum Co., Ltd. Xinxiang aluminum alloy profile

9 Shanghai Xinyu wall materials Co., Ltd. Xinyu ZM lightweight aggregate concrete partition board

10 Fujian Asia Pacific Building Materials Co., Ltd. Asia Pacific plastic

2010 China housing engineering building materials Jinying award special recommended brand

1 Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd. Conch Cement

2 sankeshu paint Co., Ltd. sankeshu paint

3 crocodile paint (Shanghai) Ltd. crocodile paint coating

4 Shanghai fanruide new building materials Co., Ltd. fanruide thermal insulation and energy saving materials

5 Zhenjiang Hongqiang building materials Co., Ltd. red wall waterproof materials

6 Shanghai Shengli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shengli building mixing equipment

7 Shanghai qiangzhi building materials science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. qiangzhi thermal insulation and energy saving materials

8 Shanghai nuopu waterproof decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. nuopu waterproof and insulation materials Materials

9 Shanghai Duli Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Duli paint coating

10 Shanghai lianglv paint coating Co., Ltd. lianglubao paint coating

2010 China Construction Engineering Materials key recommended brand Jinying award industry meritorious person award

1 Ding Shanhua, chairman of Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group Co., Ltd.

2 Hong Jie, chairman of sankeshu paint Co., Ltd.

3 director of Panpan Anju door industry Co., Ltd Chairman Han Zhaoshan

4 guowensan, chairman of Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd.

5 he Qian, chairman of Guangdong jinyitao Ceramics Co., Ltd.

6 Zhou Jie, chairman of Shanghai jiebu stairs Co., Ltd.

[host]: let's welcome the winners to the stage to accept the award, and let's welcome Zhang Yuming, deputy editor in chief of Jianzhu times. Tianxiaomei, Deputy Secretary General of the materials professional committee of China Building Decoration Association, came to the stage to present awards to the winners. Now let's welcome Mr. Liu Jianwei, the assistant general manager of Shanghai Qipei Hardware Co., Ltd., to the stage to make a speech on the application of building installation support and hoisting system in major projects

[Liu Jianwei]: Good afternoon, distinguished guests, leaders, ladies and gentlemen. It's a great honor to win this golden Ying award. Now let me make a brief introduction for you

Since the reform and opening up, China's economic development has been in a state of extensive operation, labor-intensive, high energy consumption and high pollution. Today's society is in a critical period of transformation to an intensive, humanized, energy-saving, environmental protection, high-tech, low-carbon economy. The construction industry bears the brunt of the economic development of Shangguan households and the happy life of Xiaguan households. Social problems such as resource shortage, environmental pollution and construction safety. Chipe company has deeply studied customer needs and social development trends, used technological innovation to carry out factory manufacturing with traditional processes, and perfectly integrated products, technology and services to form a perfect simmfix support and hoisting system. Shanghai Qipei Hardware Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, is a professional company specializing in the research, development and manufacture of new combinations of water, electricity and air pipeline systems for construction and installation projects. First, it is a metal support and hanger, and it is a key supporting supplier for the installation company of Shanghai Construction engineering group. Our company has more than 60 employees, including 8 professional technicians with bachelor's degree and 30 employees with college degree or above. In order to meet the needs of development, the company invested more than 10 million yuan in 2009 to establish Zhenjiang Qipei support and hanger Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu, with a construction area of 6000 square meters. The company has 2 sets of profile forming equipment. Our main products are new qc/qzc light steel series combined supports and hangers and other products. Now let's learn about our support system through pictures. This is the installation diagram of the hangers of the fire sprinkler system, and this is the installation diagram of the supports and hangers of the cable bridge. Installation diagram of supports and hangers of air duct system. Installation diagram of pipeline supports and hangers used for steel structure measurement

next, let's introduce our products and accessories. Now you can see that it is qc/qzc steel, and the upper left corner is the hinged pipe hanger, the ground level adjustment pipe rack, etc. Through the above group of pictures, now review the manufacturing process of the traditional supports and hangers after falling. Material waste, the traditional public welfare makes the use of profile on-site cutting and welding often cause serious waste. Safety hazards, traditional processes, profile cutting and welding, sparks, easy to form fire hazards. Environmental pollution. Traditional processes produce materials from on-site feeding, cutting and welding, which is easy to produce gases that pollute the environment. Manufacturing and installation costs are high, there are many supply and demand, long time, complex operation and time-consuming. The last one is to affect beauty

simfix building installation support and hanger system is composed of new composite support and hanger system products independently developed and produced by chipe. The products are only designed and scientifically calculated through innovation, have independent intellectual property rights, and adopt factory standardized production processes. They are produced under the whole process strict quality management system and installed under the whole process intimate technical support services. Advantages of simfix building installation support and hoisting system: 1. Cost saving. 2. Standardized products. 3. Strong and durable. 4. The installation effect is beautiful. 5. Easy installation. 6. Save energy. 7. Construction safety. 8. Protect the environment. The social significance of installing the support and hoisting system in tortona building, energy conservation, environmental protection and construction safety. This group of pictures shows the pictures of the world financial center, Shanghai light source, Shanghai international passenger transport center, Shanghai transportation hub and Xi'an Xianyang International Airport. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you will continue to pay attention to the development of chipe as always. Thank you

[sunqixin]: now let's give the second award. 2010 China Construction Engineering Materials key recommended brand Jinying award quality award

1 Shanghai Dadao packaging and thermal insulation material Co., Ltd. Shanghai Dadao packaging and thermal insulation material

2 Shanghai Baidie pipe and Fittings Co., Ltd.

3 Shanghai Shenkun concrete Co., Ltd.

4 Shanghai Sansheng metal products Co., Ltd. Sansheng pipe and fittings

5 Nanjing sanbo Construction Technology Co., Ltd Bo AAT sound absorption and insulation materials

6 Shanghai Shengyue new building materials Co., Ltd. Shengyue concrete wall materials

7 Shanghai Sonata new wall materials Co., Ltd. Sonata building materials

8 Shanghai Zhengming plastic pipe industry Co., Ltd. Zhengming pipe fittings

9 Shanghai Kangbao Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Kangbao pipe fittings

10 Shanghai Ronghua Industrial Co., Ltd. ronghua packaging building

11 Shanghai panaya Chemical Industry Department Technology Co., Ltd. panaya wall energy-saving insulation materials

12 Hefei jumeile light wall materials Co., Ltd. jumeile light wall materials

13 Shanghai fubaide building materials Co., Ltd. baishilong ceiling

2010 China Construction Engineering Materials key recommended brand Jinying award environmental protection product award

1 Saint Gobain gypsum building materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Saint Gobain gypsum board

2 Walter environmental protection coating (Shenzhen) Limited wattle exterior wall external insulation

3 sankeshu coating Co., Ltd. sankeshu paint coating

4 Guangdong Jiabaoli Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Jiabaoli coating

5 Panpan Anju Door Co., Ltd. Panpan safety door

6 Beijing paijie HVAC Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. paijie radiator

7 Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. Yuanda building curtain wall

8 Shanghai Jiajie environmental protection Engineering Co., Ltd Cheng Co., Ltd. Jia concrete ecological permeable road system

9 Shanghai winter and summer exterior wall insulation engineering Co., Ltd. winter and summer waterproof and thermal insulation materials

10 Xiamen Shufa decorative materials Co., Ltd. Shufa wood and plywood

[the presiding laboratory operator must be familiar with the basic working principle and functional characteristics of various accessories in the electronic universal testing machine] let the representatives of the winning enterprises come to the stage to receive the award, Let's welcome Lu Shaoji, vice president of the materials branch of the China Construction Industry Association and vice commander of the Pudong project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Zhang Zengshou, vice president of Beijing General Academy of building materials science, presented the award. Now let's welcome Zhao Jia, the marketing director of Shanghai Jiajie Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd., to make an enterprise speech on scientific and technological innovation products, environmental protection and market expansion. Applause, please

[Zhao Jia]: Good afternoon, all guests and leaders here. I am very glad that the Organizing Committee of the conference awarded me this award. Today, I am very honored to introduce our jiaconcrete ecological road system on behalf of our company. Shanghai Jiajie Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is a new manufacturer of new building materials in China. It has always had great technological advantages in the field of permeable pavement materials in China, leading the localization of ecological permeable environmental protection technology to a new era. Shanghai Jiajie Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2003. Its main products are permeable asphalt concrete and permeable cement concrete. At the end of 2009, the company established a production base with an annual output of 300000 tons of special asphalt concrete and 500000 square meters of permeable concrete pavement. The company has proposed two invention patents for the protection of permeable pavement technology and materials, which have been authorized by the China Intellectual Property Office, and a number of invention patents are being applied for by the company. In March, 2010, Jiajie ecological permeable road project was recognized as grade B of Shanghai high-tech achievements transformation

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