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Level II VisualFoxpro programming sample paper

(the examination time is 90 minutes, with a full score of 100)

I. multiple choice questions

(1) ~ (35) questions, 2 points for each question, a total of 70 points

only one of the four prerequisites of questions a), b), c) and D) below is correct. Please scribble the correct option on the corresponding position of the answer sheet and answer it on the test paper without scoring

(1) the relationship managed by the relational database management system is

a) a DBF file B) several two-dimensional tables C) a DBC file d) several DBC files

(2) the index that does not allow duplicate index values in the record is

a) primary index b) primary index, candidate index, universal index

c) primary index and candidate index D) primary index, candidate index and unique index

(3) to control the integrity and consistency of data in the two tables, you can set "reference integrity", which requires these two tables

a) are two tables in the same database B) two tables in different databases

c) two free tables d) one is a database table and the other is a free table

(4) in Visual FoxPro, you can set default values for fields

a) must be a database table b) must be a free table

c) free table or database? D) Cannot set the default value of the field

(5) the three basic relational operations that visual foxpro relational database management system can realize are

a) index, sort, find b) database creation, entry, sort

c) selection, projection, connection d) display, statistics, copy

(6) open the "documents" tab of Visual FoxPro "project manager", which contains

a) form file B) report file

c) label file d) the above three files

(7) the field types that can link or embed OLE objects are

a) remark type fields b) general and remark type fields

c) general type fields d) any type of fields

(8) in the following description of attributes, methods and events, the error is

a) attributes are used to describe the state of objects, and methods are used to represent the behavior of objects

b) two objects generated based on the same class can set their own attribute values respectively

c) event codes can also be displayed and called like methods

d) when creating a new table, new attributes, methods and events can be added

(9) the main difference between query designer and view designer is

a) the query designer has an "update condition" tab without an option of "query destination". According to yaodinggui, Secretary of the Party committee of the company,

b) the query designer has no "update condition" tab and has an option of "query destination"

C) the view designer has no "update condition" tab and has an option of "query destination"

d) the view designer has an option of "update condition", There is also the "query destination" option

(10) in Visual FoxPro, form refers to

a) list of tables in the database B) list of records in a table

c) list of database query d) window interface

(11) in Visual FoxPro, the command to open the database is

a) Oren database database name b) use database name

c) use database database name d) open database name

(12) after continuously executing the following commands, the output result of the last command is


X="A "

? IIF ("a" =x, x- "BCD", x+ "BCD")

a) a b) BCD C) a BCD d) abcd

(13) in the following four groups of function operations, the results are the same

a) Leet ("Visual FoxPro", 6) and substr ("Visual FoxPro", 1,6)

b) year (date ()) and substr (dtoc (date), 7,2)

c) vartype ("*4") and vartype (*4)

d) assume that a= "this", b= "is a string", A-B and a+b

(14) in Visual FoxPro, the command used to create or modify process files is

a) modify file name b) modify command file name

c) modify procedure file name d) above B) and C) are both for

(15) in SQL query, use the where clause to point out that is

a) query target B) query result c) query condition D) query view

(16) in the following description of object-oriented database, the error is

a) each object has a unique object ID in the system

b) events act on objects, and objects recognize events and respond accordingly

c) a subclass can inherit the attributes and methods of all its parent classes

d) a parent class includes the attributes and methods of all its children

(17) the three basic logical structures of structured programming are

a) selection structure, cycle structure and nested structure

b) sequence structure, selection structure and cycle structure (3) medical raw materials

c) selection structure, cycle structure and module structure

d) sequence structure, recursive structure and cycle structure

(18) the array defined by the command declare mm (2,3) contains the number of array elements (subscript variables)

a) 2 b) 3 C) 5 d) 6

(19) when using the menu designer of Visual FoxPro, after selecting the menu item, if you want to design its submenu, you should select it in the result

a) pad name b) submenu C) command d) procedure

(20) report file of Visual FoxPro What is saved in frx is

a) preview format of print report b) print report itself

c) format and data of report d) definition of report design format

(21) when setting reference integrity in Visual FoxPro, you want to set it to: when changing the main key field or candidate key field in the parent table, automatically change the corresponding value in all relevant sub table records. Should be selected

a) restrict b) ignore

c) cascade d) cascade or restrict

(22) in the data session window of Visual FoxPro, you can establish an association between two tables by using the set relaxation command. This association is

a) permanent association b) permanent association or temporary association

c) temporary association when interacting closely with customers d) permanent association and

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