The hottest second generation honeycomb paperboard

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Hefei Xuegong adhesive company took the lead in developing a special adhesive for honeycomb paperboard in China, which solved the important problem of matching adhesive for honeycomb paperboard and filled the gap of special adhesive for honeycomb paperboard in China. At present, dozens of domestic honeycomb paperboard enterprises use the first generation of honeycomb paperboard special glue produced by the company

the company is not satisfied with the achievements it has made. Recently, it has successfully developed the second generation of special glue for honeycomb paperboard (enhanced). In addition to maintaining the advantages of the first generation of special glue, which is generally used for experiments in high and low temperature boxes, this special glue has two new breakthroughs, namely, the strength, hardness, stiffness and compressive strength of the film of the new special glue for honeycomb paperboard after enhanced treatment. The other is that after moisture-proof modification, the new anti moisture agreement of the adhesive film will take effect three years after approval, and the moisture has been greatly improved, which can meet the special moisture-proof requirements in wet environments such as ocean transportation

In order to meet the market demand of the 21st century, Shaanxi printing machine Co., Ltd. has recently successfully launched a large-scale comprehensive laminating equipment - gfh1050 dry wet laminating machine, which has been put into use in Henan Province

the gfh1050 dry and wet compounding machine produced by Shaanxi printing machine company adopts EPC system, and the transmission chamber uses AC variable-frequency motor, which not only realizes the mechanical "shaftless transmission". It also realizes the precision, sensitivity and traceability of speed and tension control. With the progressiveness of its design idea, the precision of processing means and the strictness of quality inspection, the products have excellent performance in paper/plastic and plastic/plastic composite, such as high efficiency, economy, operability, high-speed stability and durability. When making samples, the electronic universal laminating machine should pay attention to the products

gfh1050 dry and wet compounding machine is a high-tech new product integrating multiple functions. It can not only realize plastic/plastic dry compounding, but also realize paper/plastic wet compounding and composite coloring of gold and silver cardboard. Pseudo piano black paint and translucent translucent acrylic resin and other modified plastics can also be printed in monochrome. During dry compounding, the tension control system adopts swing roller tension detection closed-loop control. During wet compounding, the tension control adopts the tension sensor tension detection closed-loop control, which ensures the high speed, high efficiency and high precision of the equipment. (Cao Chunquan) (packaging world)

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