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Seco shangao company launched a newly designed thread turning tool

seco company recently launched a newly designed thread turning tool rod and a new set of thread turning blades

the newly developed HD type tool bar provides the best clamping capacity, which can obtain longer tool life and higher machining accuracy. The new cutter bar is characterized by a cemented carbide pin behind the blade seat, which is very wear-resistant and can prevent the blade from rotating or warping under pressure during processing. In order to increase the rigidity of the blade and cutter bar, seco also produced a new D-shaped pressing plate, which can press the blade into the blade seat

in order to make thread processing easier and more economical, seco has designed a new set of general-purpose thread turning blades. The product model of this series is marked with the letter A, which can continue to show its good performance under ultra-high temperature. It is the first large-scale plastic market to process various types of threads on steel and stainless steel workpieces. There are 10 choices in the market. This group of new single head thread series blades is a supplement to the A1 chip breaking groove specially designed by seco for processing steel parts and the A2 chip breaking groove specially designed for processing stainless steel (A2 is also used to better control the design of cutting fixture 1, which is also a difficulty. The force sensor is used to realize the optimal processing of inertia free measuring chips of the experimental machine)

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