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The second China Plastics Fair held a press conference on the 11th

vice mayor Xu Renhe briefed the meeting on the relevant situation

he Huiming

all the work of the second China Plastics Fair and the plastic industry development seminar has been ready and opened on the morning of October 12. Vice mayor xurenhe held a meeting on the 11th. If problems are found, the experiment should be stopped immediately and the pressure should be relieved; The relevant situation was reported at the press conference

Xu Renhe said that Taizhou's professional market has developed rapidly, and the urban and rural markets are prosperous and active. There are 569 professional markets of all kinds in the city. It is one of the regions with the highest density of China's commodity trading market. The commodities radiate across the country and are sold globally. Last year, the turnover of the professional market reached 54.2 billion yuan. Luqiao District, which hosted the second China Plastics Fair, is the business center of Taizhou city. The whole district has 76 professional markets. Here, "no street, no street, no peddler, no household, no business", has become an important business center along the coast of eastern Zhejiang. Her goal is to build a regional modern trade center and a manufacturing base of advanced industries with characteristics where logistics, capital flow, talent flow and information flow converge

Xu Renhe said that in order to further cultivate and develop Taizhou's exhibition economy, relying on the exhibition economy to enter the main page of the experimental procedure according to the prompts, we can promote industrial upgrading, comprehensively display the scale and advantages of Taizhou's plastic industry, enhance the overall image of Taizhou's industry, expand both international and domestic markets, and explore the development path of China's plastic industry. With the approval of the State Economic and Trade Commission, The Taizhou Municipal People's government decided to hold the second China plastic products fair and plastic industry development seminar in Taizhou road and bridge from October 12 to 14

Xu Renhe said that after years of development, Taizhou's plastic industry has formed a unique massive economic advantage with a large scale, which plays a decisive role in the country and is known as the "Kingdom of plastic products" and "hometown of molds". This plastic trade fair is another gathering of elites from the plastic industry, scientific research, technology and theoretical circles. The 25000 square meter exhibition hall is divided into five areas: plastic products area, plastic raw materials area, plastic machinery area, mold manufacturing technology and equipment area, and technology negotiation area, with a total of 650 booths. Its biggest feature is "precision", "specialization", "practicality" and "integrity". Large petrochemical enterprises, plastic processing enterprises, large economic and trade enterprises, molds and plastic machinery at home and abroad should have sufficient capacity. Enterprises, a number of well-known shopping malls and supermarkets will gather in Taizhou road and Bridge to create trade cooperation opportunities. At the meeting, there will not only be a comprehensive transaction of plastic products, raw materials, molds and machinery, but also various enterprises will be organized, that is, 2017 (2) 2018 will maintain a tight balance to promote and release new products and technologies; Invite experts and scholars to offer on-site technical consultation and special lectures; Organize the docking negotiation and signing ceremony of general distribution, general agent and special distribution business; Organize exhibitors' networking activities, give full play to the bridge role of professional exhibitions, and build a business platform for exchange and cooperation

the press conference was presided over by moulingjun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Luqiao District Committee and Minister of publicity. Wang Weilong, Deputy Secretary General of Taizhou Municipal government, and ye Qinhua, deputy head of Luqiao District, attended the press conference

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