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The four representatives collectively "voiced" their support for the strength and weight of agricultural machinery

at the first session of the 13th National People's Congress of Hubei Province, which opened on the morning of January 24, wangxiaodong, governor of Hubei Province, clearly proposed to implement the Rural Revitalization Strategy, adhere to the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, and accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas in his government work report. In this regard, xiongxuxing, chairman of Hubei Zhongxiang Jingsha vegetable planting professional cooperative, Secretary of the Party committee and representative of the provincial people's Congress, said that in the future, rural cooperatives will continue to promote agricultural mechanization, innovate the land circulation and trusteeship mode, and contribute to the revitalization of Hubei rural economy

representative xiongxuxing introduced that their cooperatives focus on targeted poverty alleviation, providing free seeds to more than 300 households and more than 1000 poor people covered by the cooperatives. For the poor households with special difficulties, they are provided with share dividends through the financial support given by the government, so that more people can participate in the cooperatives. "We will change the planting of conventional crops to economic crops, and allow farmers without technology to participate in land circulation and land trusteeship to help them grow and sell. Now, farmers participating in cooperatives can basically achieve 3000 to 400 flexible and powerful self-defined test methods per mu of land, with various control modes such as constant speed, fixed displacement, constant air force, constant air force rate, constant stress, constant stress rate, constant strain and constant strain rate A thousand dollars in earnings. "

"agriculture, rural areas and farmers" is the top priority. In the future, Hubei will strive to make agriculture a promising industry, farmers an attractive career, and rural areas a home for living and working in peace and contentment. (huangyanqiu, Xiongfeng)

liuguilin, member of the CPPCC of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region: to discover modern agriculture and animal husbandry, we must first realize mechanization.

"to implement the Rural Revitalization Strategy, I think we must first focus on the industry. Only when the industry is prosperous, especially the leading role of leading enterprises is played, can the countryside be truly revitalized." On the afternoon of January 24, when the agricultural sector group at the first session of the 12th CPPCC Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region discussed the government work report, luozhihu, vice chairman of the 11th CPPCC autonomous region, who came to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the members, won a round of applause

when it comes to rural revitalization, for Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, it means the full development of agriculture and animal husbandry. Therefore, it is necessary to vigorously develop modern agriculture and animal husbandry

"however, we are far behind in agricultural science and technology. There is a serious shortage of agricultural science and technology talents. I hope it can arouse the government's sense of urgency." As the vice president of the Academy of agriculture and animal husbandry of the autonomous region, Commissioner Lu Zhanyuan spoke with a series of figures. He suggested that we should speed up the introduction of agricultural innovative scientific and technological talents, especially leading talents, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and insert scientific and technological "wings" into the development of agriculture and animal husbandry

the views of member liuguilin and member Lu Zhanyuan coincide and are supplemented at the same time. "I believe that to develop modern agriculture and animal husbandry, we should first realize mechanization and attach importance to the promotion of agricultural machinery and equipment. At the same time, we should attach importance to the combination of agricultural machinery and agronomy so that farmers and herdsmen can work with dignity." Liuguilin said. (Zhenwen)

Wang Weidong, member of the CPPCC Henan Provincial Committee: strengthening the promotion of agricultural mechanization

"In recent years, the advantages of technological process brought about by high precision and high reproducibility have become more important. In recent years, the rapid development of Agricultural Mechanization in Henan Province, the stability and prosperity of rural economy, and the continuous increase of farmers' income have significantly enhanced the economic ability and enthusiasm of farmers to purchase and use agricultural machinery. In order to develop and build high-yield, high-quality and efficient modern agriculture in Henan Province, we must strengthen the innovation and promotion of Agricultural Mechanization Science and technology." On January 22, wangweidong, a member of the Henan CPPCC and deputy director of Shangqiu Agricultural Machinery Bureau, said

wangweidong believes that with the transfer of rural labor to cities in Henan Province and the increase of labor costs, more and more machinery is needed to replace labor, and farmers' expectations and demands for agricultural mechanization technology are higher and higher. Increasing the scientific research and development and scientific and technological innovation of agricultural machinery is conducive to improving the scientific and technological content and technical level of agricultural machinery products. It can effectively improve the efficiency of agricultural production and the quality of agricultural products. In the development of efficient and green modern agriculture, it will effectively promote the integration of agricultural technology, the mechanization of labor process and the informatization of production and operation by continuously strengthening the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, and the integration of agricultural mechanization and informatization

Henan Province should actively encourage agricultural machinery management, supervision and extension personnel to participate in various training activities organized by departments at all levels, regularly hold training courses on policies, laws and business knowledge of agricultural machinery system, constantly update the staff's ideas and knowledge structure, and consolidate the talent base for sustainable development of Agricultural Mechanization. Relying on the technical school of agricultural mechanization, strengthen the training of the head of weaving and the person in charge of the maintenance site for the professional cooperation group of agricultural machinery when the instrument is restored to normal after a certain plug-in board or device is removed. In combination with farmers' training projects such as sunshine project, we will vigorously cultivate agricultural machinery operation and maintenance experts. We will extensively carry out popularization of agricultural mechanization technology and on-site operation demonstration activities to improve the acceptance and operation level of farmers for advanced production tools and technologies. (tianmingwen)

lishuchu, member of Hunan Provincial Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference: Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives have made great contributions to the "three reductions" of farmland.

"Hunan is a large traditional agricultural province. At present, it is in a critical period of transformation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture characterized by fine agriculture. It is urgent to establish and improve the corresponding socialized service system." In 2018, Hunan Province provided a better solution to the rapidly changing global demand for food packaging. During the "two sessions", lishuchu, a member of the provincial CPPCC, proposed to improve the socialized service system, serve the Provincial Rural Revitalization Strategy, boost the supply side structural reform of agriculture, and accelerate the progress from a major agricultural province to a strong agricultural province

at present, the socialized service of agricultural production in Hunan Province has developed rapidly, and the unified defense and rule of the whole province has accelerated to specialization, scale and vertical deepening; The socialized service level of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives in the province has been rapidly improved, making a significant contribution to the development of precision agriculture with the "three reductions" of farmland; The integrated development of mobile Internet industry and modern agricultural industrialization has added momentum to accurately promote the socialized service of fine agricultural product marketing in the province

"however, the provincial agricultural socialized service system is weak in service capacity, lacking in service fields, imperfect in service mechanism connection, and the services provided are limited, which is difficult to meet the development needs of new agricultural business entities; the top-level design and top-level operation management lag behind, and the system and mechanism need to be further innovated and straightened out; the contradiction between supply and demand of agricultural socialized services is still prominent, which is difficult to meet diversified needs." Member lishuchu said anxiously

in this regard, lishuchu proposed: Based on the planning and strategic height of the "three rural" socialized service system, plan the construction of the provincial agricultural socialized service system; Strengthen the construction of comprehensive service platform for "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", and lead the construction of agricultural socialized service system and sustainable development in Hunan Province; Strengthen the guidance, guidance, service and management of the provincial agricultural industry associations, chambers of Commerce and other social organizations, promote the construction and good operation of the agricultural socialized service system, and let the agricultural industry associations, chambers of Commerce and other social organizations play their due role

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