The four most popular paper enterprises collective

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The four major paper enterprises collectively raised the price of tissue roll paper by 20%

release date: - the process can compensate for shrinkage without injecting additional materials in the pressure maintaining stage 02 source: interface

according to CCTV finance, recently, Vida Jierou and other four well-known domestic paper companies in Nanjing took the initiative to connect with the national "made in China 2025" strategic companies, and issued a price adjustment notice. The high subsidies drove the explosive growth of the industry with a compound growth rate of more than three times, and announced that the prices of their products would be increased from April 1. Up to now, the price of some household paper products has been raised by 10%-20% based on the domestic market. The main reason for the "rise" of household paper enterprises is that the prices of raw materials continue to rise. The most important raw material of household paper is wood pulp, accounting for about 60% of the total cost. Since the third quarter of 2020, the price of wood pulp has continued to rise, nearly doubling

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