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The four major profit factors promote the operation of valves

Newell shares plans to issue no more than 120million shares this time, with a total share capital of no more than 820million shares after issuance, which is planned to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The CSRC pre disclosed the prospectus for the initial public offering of Suzhou newway Valve Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as newway shares) on the evening of April 11. Newell intends to issue no more than 120million shares this time, with a total share capital of no more than 820million shares after issuance. It is planned to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of industrial valves. At present, the company has formed nine product series, mainly including gate valve, ball valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve, regulating valve, safety valve, nuclear power valve and wellhead equipment

according to the prospectus of Neway shares, the favorable factors affecting the development of the industry are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

the national industrial policy promotes the development of the valve industry

the valve industry belongs to the equipment manufacturing industry. The equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic industry that provides technical equipment for various industries of the national economy. It has a high degree of relevance, strong ability to absorb employment and intensive technology and capital. It is an important guarantee for industrial upgrading and technological progress and a concentrated embodiment of the country's comprehensive strength. Therefore, after reading the above introduction to the equipment system, the state does not know whether there is any understanding of how to select good and bad tension machines. The development of the manufacturing industry attaches great importance to the realization of zero import by the end of 2020, and will adopt policies and measures to encourage and support the industry in a long period of time. The outline of the eleventh five year plan clearly points out that we should vigorously develop the equipment manufacturing industry, strive to break through the core technology, and improve the overall level of R & D and design of major technical equipment, supporting core components, processing and manufacturing, and system integration. The plan for the adjustment and revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry also puts forward that the manufacturing level of basic parts has been improved, general parts and components basically meet the domestic market demand, key automatic measurement and control components fill the domestic gap, and special raw materials achieve the planning goal of key breakthroughs

global procurement of multinational companies and industrial transfer of valve industry

procurement activities are the largest cost area in enterprise business activities. The quality and efficiency of procurement to a large extent determine the value and competitiveness of the enterprise's final products. Through global procurement, enterprises can reduce procurement costs and improve the quality of suppliers' products, reduce total costs and improve customer satisfaction, so as to gain global competitive advantage. Nowadays, global procurement has become an important means for transnational corporations to make full use of global resources, reduce production costs, enhance core competitiveness and maximize profits. It is an important part of the global development strategy of transnational corporations

in recent years, with the industrial upgrading of the United States, the European Union and other countries and regions, the trend of industrial transfer of the global valve industry has become increasingly obvious. As a large manufacturing country and emerging market country, China has a high cost advantage in the development of manufacturing industry, and has developed into one of the most important production bases for imported copper ore and its concentrate of 13.289 million tons in the global valve industry. Moreover, the technical strength of domestic valve enterprises has been continuously improved, and has basically been able to adapt to the technical parameter requirements of the global multi-level valve application field. Therefore, more and more multinational companies have listed China as one of the most important countries in the global procurement of valve products, creating great business opportunities for domestic valve enterprises with strong strength

tensile failure strength of radial loading: the tensile failure strength test method of radial loading is mainly used for the strength experiment of thin-walled tubular ceramics. Clean energy has been further developed.

under the background of global response to climate change, the development of low-carbon economy has gradually become the consensus of the global economy. Clean energy will be an increasingly important field for the development of valve industry. At present, major economies and industrialized countries around the world are promoting greenhouse gas emission reduction through various means, vigorously developing clean energy and reducing fossil energy consumption. Nuclear power and natural gas, as a form of clean energy widely recognized in the world, will be applied in a wider range in the future and have broad development prospects. It can be expected that the application of valves in the field of clean energy will also achieve rapid growth, and the demand for valves in the field of clean energy will become a new engine for the development of the valve market in the future

production process and material technology are becoming more and more mature.

after years of development and accumulation, the gap between domestic manufacturers and foreign manufacturers in production process is narrowing, except in some special fields. Moreover, with the improvement of the overall technical level of the domestic manufacturing industry, the domestic valve industry has also received certain technical support in the fields of production machine tools and production materials, which not only improves the product quality and product types of the domestic valve industry, but also reduces the cost of domestic valve products and helps to improve the core competitiveness of domestic valve enterprises

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