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There are white pure and fresh, European style atmosphere and elegance, elegant and exquisite decoration, warm and happy style... Modern European style beauty, simple design has infinite brilliance. Now let's enjoy the European style decoration renderings of two bedrooms and two halls of the owner's home of liantou Longwan

style analysis: European and American style is based on Romanticism in form. The decoration materials are usually marble, colorful fabrics, exquisite carpets, and exquisite French wall hangings. The whole style is luxurious, rich, and full of strong dynamic effects

decoration files:

decoration community: liantou Longwan (more liantou Longwan decoration effect pictures) decoration company: Lugong mansion decoration house type: two rooms and two halls decoration method: all inclusive decoration style: European style contract amount: 130000

white ceiling, white background wall, white floor, white home is really pure and fresh, which first brings a beautiful visual impression. Although the main tone is white, it doesn't make people feel monotonous. The exquisite crystal lamp is crystal clear, the floor curtain with sea blue pattern and clay bottom is low-key, elegant and unique, the pure white corner fabric sofa is simple and fashionable, and the pure white leather tea table with nail buckle design and the black European style single sofa show their elegant charm. The decoration of green plants adds fresh vitality to the living room

the large mirror on the background wall at the head of the bed reflects the scenery of the restaurant and even the living room, creating a double beautiful visual impression, and at the same time, it plays a role in expanding the field of vision. The crystal lamp in the crystal curtain style on the ceiling is beautiful and very artistic. The white European style dining table and chairs are elegant and fashionable. After careful arrangement, the dining table sets off a very elegant and romantic dining atmosphere

like other functional areas, the master bedroom is mainly in pure white, clean and fresh, creating a comfortable sleeping atmosphere. The exquisite crystal lamp on the ceiling, the exquisite wallpaper on the background wall, the unique design of the bedside background wall, the white simple style double bed, and the simple decorative elements fully interpret the elegance of the European style. The whole space is really fashionable and beautiful

although the decoration design of the second bedroom is simple, it looks very stylish and charming in European style. The bean green wallpaper is exquisite and elegant, the white single bed is placed by the window, and the small table hanging next to the bed is matched with an elegant chair. A small working area is formed, which is simple and beautiful

[introduction to liantou Longwan community]: located at the South Gate of the thoroughfare of nine provinces, and an important node of the 8+1 urban circle, it is known as "the first county in Chutian". It connects Ezhou in the East, Xianning in the south, the Yangtze River in the west, and East lake high tech Development Zone in the north. There are 136 lakes in the territory, including Dagou lake, Liangzi Lake, Niushan lake, Baoshu lake, Lu lake, Houshi lake, yetou lake, Shangshehu lake, tuandon lake, Tangxun Lake, Qingling lake, etc. The main rivers are the Yangtze River and Jinshui River, which flow through the West. The water surface accounts for about 39% of the total area, integrating rich natural and cultural resources

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