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When it comes to furniture, many people will ask: which brand of furniture is good in 2017? Do you know how to choose furniture? Seeing is believing is the traditional concept of the Chinese people, so in our furniture selection, many people still like to choose directly in the furniture mall. So, do you know the latest furniture brand rankings? Today, let's learn about the furniture brand ranking list! In case of need

which brand of furniture is better in 2017

furniture brand ranking No.1 imperial furniture

the first place in the ranking list of imperial furniture is imperial furniture. With advanced technology and process, it is one of the furniture with the largest scale and sales volume in China

furniture brand ranking No.2 Quanyou furniture

the second place in the furniture ranking is not all furniture. It is an enterprise with a strong IT management team. We have developed a whole management system. Ima world's top fully intelligent production line in Germany is adopted

furniture brand ranking No.3 Shuanghu furniture

the third place in the furniture ranking is Shuanghu furniture. After decades of efforts, it has become a super large furniture exhibition hall in the west, with a strong sales network and good market prospects

furniture brand ranking No.4 Red Star · Macalline ranks fourth in the Macalline

furniture ranking list. After years of development, it has become the first home furnishing brand in China. Adhere to the enterprise spirit of reputation as life

furniture brand ranking No.5 or so furniture

furniture is one of the well deserved furniture rankings. With independent import and export rights, combined with the characteristics of Chinese people, the products are deeply loved by consumers

furniture brand ranking No.6 pearl of the palm furniture

pearl of the palm, one of China's top ten home furnishing brands, leads China's home furnishing lifestyle. The quality is guaranteed. It has become a large modern furniture enterprise

furniture brand ranking No.7 family home

family home, with artistic means to change life. With its unique design techniques, it has been recognized and trusted by the majority of consumers

furniture brand ranking No.8 incredibly home

incredibly home, which is in the leading position in the furniture industry, is positioned for medium and high-end consumption. Provide customers with one-stop service and advocate personalized consumption

furniture brand ranking No.9 Red Apple furniture

panel furniture, occupying a position in the furniture industry, has a group of professional talents, adheres to the advanced technology and equipment update, and now has advanced production equipment

At the beginning of its establishment, Qumei furniture adhered to the original design principle, and after years of development, it has become a leader in the furniture industry. It is the first enterprise in China to produce curved wood furniture and successfully support furniture


later use and maintenance of furniture

suggestions: wipe with a dry cloth, and do not place it in a damp, stove, or heating place, otherwise it is easy to peel and fall. Wipe the dirt gently with alcohol

editor's summary: the above is a good introduction to the top ten furniture brands in 2017. I hope it can help friends with this need! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future




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