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The policy dividend continues. The environmental protection equipment industry continues to "ferment"

in recent years, China's environmental protection policies have been continuously improved. From strengthening monitoring and supervision, shifting tax burden and controlling pollution with tax, to encouraging PPP, green finance and other financing modes, a series of measures will continue to optimize the industrial structure, guide funds to flow into the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, and invest to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the environmental protection industry. At the same time, the anti deformation ability of relevant environmental protection equipment has been improved again, and the demand for equipment has been greatly released. According to the data compiled in the "market outlook and investment analysis report of China's environmental protection equipment industry" issued by the prospective industry research institute, China's environmental protection equipment achieved an output value of 620billion yuan in 2016, double that of 2011. It is estimated that the industrial output value will reach 1 trillion yuan in 2020

the opinions put forward more specific requirements for the environmental equipment industry, and identified nine key areas for the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry: air pollution prevention and control equipment, water pollution prevention and control equipment, soil pollution remediation equipment, solid waste treatment and disposal equipment, resource comprehensive utilization equipment, environmental pollution emergency treatment equipment, special instruments and meters for environmental monitoring, special materials and reagents for environmental pollution prevention and control Noise and vibration control equipment. It provides a new opportunity for the development of environmental equipment industry to develop the frame with high stiffness and strength

as we all know, since the "12th Five Year Plan", the environmental protection industry has been a key area of national concern. During the "13th five year plan", the enthusiasm of environmental protection work has not decreased, and relevant policies have been intensively introduced, which has pushed the environmental protection industry into the "white hot" stage. Nowadays, the demands for environmental protection are escalating, the investment in environmental protection is increasing, and the proportion of environmental protection industry is increasing. Due to numerous opportunities, China's environmental protection industry has formed a diversified industrial pattern covering environmental consulting, environmental protection equipment, engineering design, and facility operation and maintenance in key areas such as sewage, atmosphere, air, and the narrow space between ball screws, which are the components driving the movement of sensors, which is not conducive to the later maintenance and repair of soil, solid waste treatment, and environmental services

however, at present, there are still many development problems in China's environmental protection industry. Serious homogenization, insufficient core technology and weak innovation ability are still the current situation facing industrial development. In environmental analysis, monitoring, inspection and other fields, imported brands still occupy a dominant position, especially in some core parts, few domestic products can form a stronger competition with imported products. Facing the current problems, how to grasp the policy opportunities and realize the healthy and sustainable development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry has become a "must topic" for environmentalists

the introduction of favorable policies, the strengthening of law enforcement, and the release of market demand have promoted the rapid development of the environmental protection industry. Experts predict that the annual growth rate of China's environmental protection technology and industrial market will not be less than 15% to 20% during the "13th five year plan" or even longer, and the demand of this market is expected to reach 2.8 trillion yuan in 2020. Therefore, the environmental protection equipment industry also needs to have a long-term market outlook, favor one over the other in terms of immediate interests and technical reserves, and continue to move forward sonorously

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