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A policy can make the carton factory get 20million yuan

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core tip: Recently, Hangzhou issued a new deal, and the maximum subsidy for a single project that meets the conditions of "machine replacement" can reach 20million yuan, effectively reducing the pressure of "machine replacement" in the carton factory. Under this policy, the carton factory has promoted the development of mechanization, automation and ecology by means of "machine for labor", "automatic machine for machine" and "complete set for single machine"

[China Packaging pendulum quickly fell back news] recently, Hangzhou issued a new policy, which can support up to 20million yuan for a single project that meets the conditions of machine replacement, effectively reducing the pressure of machine replacement in carton factories. Under this policy, the carton factory has promoted the development of mechanization, automation and ecology by means of machine for labor, automatic machine for machine, complete set for single machine and so on

the municipal finance of Hangzhou will allocate 1billion yuan in the overall planning fund for Industry and science and technology, and 1billion yuan in the supporting industrial fund, which will be used to implement various incentive measures for steady industrial growth. From August 6, this new policy conducive to industrial development will be implemented

according to the new deal, as long as it is a machine replacement project with an equipment investment of 5million yuan (inclusive) to 20million yuan and more, it will be subsidized by 20% and 23% of its equipment investment respectively. The maximum amount of subsidy for a single project shall not exceed 20million yuan

the investment in machine replacement is high, and the carton factory benefits from the government.

in the era of industry 4.0, machine replacement seems to be the biggest way out for the carton factory. Since this year, the trend of machine replacement in the carton industry has become more and more obvious. Carton factories based on long-term development have begun to introduce various automation equipment with high investment. However, some carton factories are still worried about the high cost of machine replacement and long recovery cycle

at this time, the government issued a new deal to subsidize the machine replacement project, which reduced the pressure of machine replacement in the carton factory. Through machine replacement, the carton factory can effectively solve the problems of difficult recruitment and expensive labor, improve product quality and production stability, and standardization, improve the labor productivity and technical contribution rate of the carton factory, and correspondingly improve the market competitiveness of the carton factory

specific solutions for machine replacement in carton factory

machine replacement in carton factory should follow the lean rule, take lean management as the origin, start from the top-level design, and create automatic introduction under lean mode, which is the best practice of machine replacement. Through the replacement of machines, we will promote the technological transformation of the carton factory to be mechanized, automated and ecological

1. Push the machine and change the labor. For the single, trivial and repetitive operations and processes with high risk, high intensity and heavy pollution in the carton production process, the corresponding equipment with a compound annual growth rate of 85% can be introduced, which can not only alleviate the labor pressure, but also reduce the labor and management costs and ensure the safety and environmental protection production

2. Push the extruding material machine adopting the pulling process of the automatic changer. The mechanical production process of carton factory requires a lot of manual intervention, which leads to the problems of excessive waste of personnel and unable to produce the same value. In this case, the introduction of automated equipment to replace ordinary equipment, and through automation to achieve one person multi machine operation, orderly and efficient production

3. Promote the replacement of complete sets. In the process of production and processing, the bottleneck process of a single node can be improved to eliminate the impact, but it will lead to local efficiency and overall imbalance, leading to the imbalance of the process and the disconnection of the production line process. Only by developing and reorganizing production processes, balancing processes, and forming a continuous and efficient integrated automatic production line, can we maximize comprehensive benefits

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