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The policy awesome to accelerate the recovery of Hebei photovoltaic enterprises

"0.42 yuan/kWh". After several twists and turns, the subsidy price of distributed photovoltaic power stations, which is most concerned by the photovoltaic industry, was introduced, which was 20% higher than the industry expectation

recently, Jingao and Yingli announced their second quarter quarterly reports respectively. It is found that the losses of enterprises have decreased significantly, the gross profit rate has rebounded, and the vitality of photovoltaic enterprises in the province has increased significantly

at present, some photovoltaic enterprises in our province are running around to seize the market, actively preparing for the construction of photovoltaic power stations, and realizing the transformation from photovoltaic product manufacturers to energy enterprises. By doing so, we can not only resolve excess capacity, but also make arrangements in advance and win the initiative

in the second quarter, the loss fell sharply, the gross profit margin rebounded, and the vitality of photovoltaic enterprises gradually recovered.

according to the second quarter quarterly report of Jingao, after entering the customized software interface for customers, the company's operating revenue was $258.1 million, with a net loss of $21.6 million, while the company's net loss in the leading quarter was $33.25 million, with a loss decrease of 35%

another photovoltaic enterprise in our province 4 Vickers hardness (HV) Yingli Green energy, the operating revenue in the second quarter reached $550.4 million, an increase of 26.1% over the first quarter; The net loss was $52.3 million, nearly half of that in the first quarter

due to the sharp reduction of losses, the gross profit margins of the two enterprises have rebounded. It was learned that in the second quarter, Yingli's gross profit margin rose to 11.8%, 4.8 percentage points higher than that in the first quarter; The gross profit margin of Jingao increased from 6% in the first quarter to 8.1% in the second quarter

"this means that at present, the production and operation of the two large photovoltaic enterprises in our province are actively and creatively carried out, and the working camp of the special committee is gradually improving. Hebei photovoltaic enterprises show the most obvious recovery trend after the outbreak of the financial crisis." Relevant experts said

the policy awesome to accelerate the pace of photovoltaic enterprises' horse race and enclosure, and the downstream power stations may create greater profit space

what is more surprising than the improvement of the operation of photovoltaic enterprises themselves is that the recent favorable policies of the domestic photovoltaic industry continue to accelerate the pace of photovoltaic enterprises' horse race and enclosure in the domestic market

"in the next step, we will take project development as a part of the manufacturing industry and continue to develop domestic and international projects around our core business." Jin Baofang, executive chairman and CEO of Jingao solar, said

and Jingao's action speed is also quite fast. At present, Jingao plans to develop three solar power projects in Lincheng, Neiqiu and other places in the province, with a total of 300 MW. Outside the province, Jing'ao has obtained the construction license for two 50 MW photovoltaic power stations with installed capacity in Gansu Province. So far, one of the 50 MW projects has been under construction

Yingli has identified the positioning of "secondary entrepreneurship". According to the relevant person in charge of Yingli group, since April this year, Yingli group has led a team to investigate the ground resources and distributed generation resources suitable for the construction of photovoltaic power stations in more than 10 provinces and cities such as Yunnan, Guangdong and Shandong, so as to speed up the "transformation from photovoltaic module manufacturers to solar energy providers". China glass () department

under the jinet cycle in the experiment of the pull universal experimental machine, China · Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities in the industry in April 2021

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