CNOOC finds natural gas deep in Bohai Bay

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CNOOC found natural gas in the deep layer of the Bohai Bay

China National Offshore Oil Corporation said a few days ago that it found natural gas after a deep exploration well in the northeast of the Bohai Bay exceeded 5000 meters. For this reason, CNOOC said that this was the first natural gas discovery in the deep Bohai Sea. The company called it a technological breakthrough, but did not disclose the scale of the natural gas discovery. Zhong Hua, chief financial officer of CNOOC, said in April that in the first three months of this year, the company had obtained five beautiful offshore oil discoveries in the Bohai Sea region, which will continue to be the source of oil and gas growth of CNOOC in the future. The tariff increase is mainly 25%; (5) Kraft paper

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