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Policy funding support the Belt and Road brings new opportunities to industrial coatings

policy funding support the Belt and Road brings new opportunities to industrial coatings

May 22, 2015

[China coatings information] in recent years, with China's gradual implementation of the "the Belt and Road" sub impact machine stepper: strategic planning and layout of continental economy, including oil and gas pipelines, cross-border bridges, transmission lines The construction of infrastructure such as optical cable transmission system will become an important part of strategic planning. The construction of these facilities has laid a material foundation for the "the Belt and Road". With the support of policies and funds, the "the Belt and Road" will usher in new opportunities for industrial coatings

insiders in the paint field pointed out that the main content of the "the Belt and Road" construction is to strengthen policy communication with relevant countries, safety pin pop-up and road connectivity. Infrastructure construction will complement each other. Guided by policy communication and road connectivity, it will first promote the huge market demand for industrial coatings, which has brought new opportunities for historical development to domestic industrial coatings enterprises, and the market space for water-based coatings is broad

the "the Belt and Road" strategy contains great opportunities, and the domestic leading industrial water-based coating technology will go abroad and face the world. Experts believe that water paint will become an important coating in infrastructure. Water paint is not only healthy, but also strong and durable. After acting on the surface of objects, it is crystal clear and has excellent flexibility. Water paint also has water resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, fast drying and other special transmission ratio. It is generally used on wood, metal, plastic (9510,35.00,0.37%), glass (915, -3.00, -0.33%) and building surfaces; However, the paint is firmly covered on the surface of the object and plays the role of protecting and decorating the object. It is not as wear-resistant as the water paint, and the drying speed is very slow, which makes the water paint become an important coating in engineering construction in recent years when the processing is more complex

at present, the application growth rate of China's water-based coatings industry will enter a new cycle with the deepening of the strategic layout of the "the Belt and Road". The demand for infrastructure and industrial growth will rise simultaneously, and the demand growth rate of water-based coatings is expected to continue to rise

experts in the paint field pointed out that the "the Belt and Road" will rely on the interconnection of infrastructure in countries along the route to readjust industrial production capacity. Water based coating enterprises are expected to usher in an explosion. Chenyang water paint, a domestic all water paint manufacturer, has completed the multi field layout of domestic water-based paint application. The "the Belt and Road" is fully prepared and is expected to enter the harvest period

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