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Policy awesome automation takes the lead

query method refers to the method that the system allows users to submit queries. In the past two years, with the change of the national economic development mode and the rise of China's human resource costs and other changes in the economic development environment, the industrial manufacturing industry has put forward higher requirements for the efficiency, low consumption, cleanliness and functional performance of equipment. At present, the upgrading of equipment is imminent

the NC generation equipment innovation project is to promote the application of digital control technology in all kinds of equipment, integrate and innovate a batch of NC equipment, realize the upgrading of equipment performance and function, and then promote the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry. At the recent World Conference on scientific and technological automation, some experts said that the CNC generation will be an important embodiment of the development of equipment manufacturing to intelligence

as early as the beginning of 2011, eight academicians put forward suggestions on the implementation of the demonstration project of innovative application of NC generation mechanical products, which has been highly valued by relevant national departments. In the first half of 2012, the "innovation and application demonstration project of NC generation mechanical products" was released and implemented. In this context, the action plan for the innovation engineering of CNC generation equipment will be released soon. The development of CNC generation equipment manufacturing has been clearly visible

focus on the implementation of five actions. Automation technology meets the revelation of policy.

the plan shows that in order to achieve the goal, we will focus on the organization and implementation of five actions: the construction of CNC technology development and promotion service platform, the development and industrialization of CNC technology, the integrated innovation of CNC equipment, the demonstration and promotion of digital control equipment, and the construction of CNC equipment technical specifications and standard system. Among them, PLC, man-machine interface, control software, frequency converter, servo drive, energy-saving motor and other automation technologies are taken as key development objects, and will enjoy the rain and dew of the policy again

among them, first of all, we should further improve the quality and reliability of a large number of general programmable controllers and man-machine interface devices to help enterprises formulate product standards, provide free testing data for the development of new products and new processes, help enterprises apply for invention patents, cooperate with enterprises to carry out scientific research projects, carry out statistical analysis of copper product quality in Tongling, integrated controllers and software packages

secondly, we should strengthen the development of professional application software and hardware combined with the manufacturing process of typical industries to meet the needs of the development of control equipment during the 12-month follow-up of the industry

focus on the development of servo drives and motors required by various numerical control devices, such as digital servo control systems, distributed servo systems and other servo drives, energy-saving motors and variable frequency motors

focus on the development of high-power and high-performance variable frequency speed regulation system, variable frequency speed regulation device for traction and variable frequency speed regulation device for special speed regulation

focus on textile machinery, plastic and rubber processing machinery, small and medium-sized machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, printing machinery, packaging machinery, food processing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, high-efficiency and energy-saving products, and realize the integrated development of numerical control

in 2020, the numerical control rate of equipment in typical industries will reach 70%

the numerical control of equipment has become an important development trend. Industrial developed countries attach great importance to the development of high-tech equipment. After more than ten years of development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, the proportion of numerical control equipment in the domestic market continues to increase, forming a strong innovation ability and a relatively solid foundation. The release and implementation of the plan will further promote the numerical control of equipment

it is estimated that by 2020, China's equipment manufacturing can realize the numerical control rate of equipment in typical industries to reach 70%. The ability to develop and promote CNC equipment has been significantly enhanced, and a large number of skilled talents who can operate and maintain CNC equipment have been continuously cultivated. Realize the wide application of numerical control equipment, improve the production efficiency of key application fields by more than 20%, and reduce the consumption of energy and resources by more than 30%

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