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The implementation of the "made in China 2025" strategy has injected a strong impetus into the development of industrial interconnection. The "spring" of China's industrial interconnection has arrived. So, what is industrial interconnection

industrial interconnection belongs to pan interconnection, and the industry development is in the initial stage. Industrial interconnection belongs to the catalog classification of Pan interconnection, including data collection, industrial platform layer and industrial application layer, as well as infrastructure layer. From the perspective of industrial chain, the upstream of the industry is data collection and integration, the midstream is the construction of Internet platforms, and the downstream is the development of industrial apps; The participating enterprises include equipment and automation enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, industrial software enterprises and information technology enterprises. In 2017, the direct industrial utilization of China's industrial interconnection was automatically cleared in the ordinary plastic modification system; The unbearable scale is about 570billion yuan, which is expected to reach trillion yuan by 2020

driven by both policy and technology, industrial interconnection ushers in a great era of development. On June 7, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the action plan for the development of industrial interconnection (2018-2020) 6: when loading, the industrial policy overweight has sustainability, and then the processor will deal with this signal. At the technical level: with the improvement of manufacturing automation, artificial intelligence technology and edge computing technology have made breakthroughs, and many supporting technologies of industrial interconnection are ushering in changes

industrial interconnection is mainly used in four scenarios, with a triple implementation path. At present, the application of industrial interconnection platform is mainly concentrated in four areas: industrial field production process optimization, enterprise operation and management decision optimization, resource allocation optimization of socialized production, and product life cycle management service optimization

according to the summary of 29 industrial interconnection pilot demonstration projects selected by the Ministry of industry and information technology and 33 excellent cases selected by the industrial interconnection industry alliance, the current application of industrial interconnection has three paths: from the production side (smart factory), from the product side (smart service) and from the platform side (Industrial interconnection platform)

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