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Recently, the general office of the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on further promoting the reform of incremental distribution business (Draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as the draft for comments). In the view of the industry, the introduction of the draft is to effectively resolve the main problems existing in the current reform of incremental distribution business, and accelerate the reform of the power sales side

according to Zheshang securities, opening up incremental market competition to force the reform of the stock market and break the pattern of traditional power supply and distribution business monopolized by electricity is expected to become another major measure to promote the substantive progress of China's power system reform, promote the construction of a new round of distribution facilities, reduce the power consumption cost of end users and deliver reform dividends

"the publication of the draft indicates that the relevant national departments attach importance to the pilot work of incremental distribution, and it also promotes the healthy, orderly and rapid development of incremental distribution business." Wu Junhong, director of the Smart Energy Office of East China Electric Power Design Institute, said in an interview, "incremental distribution construction and power system reform come down in one continuous line. The introduction of the document can be said to be a timely correction and standardization of problems in the past incremental distribution business."

"once the draft is published, the speed of incremental distribution business will be faster than expected. After all, this document has put many previously difficult places firmly on the document, and there will be laws to follow in the future." Sources revealed to

the draft first further defines the scope of increment and stock. Among them, there are 6 categories of incremental scope: distribution projects that have been included in the provincial or municipal distribution planning but have not been approved; The power enterprise has been approved for the project, but has not started construction within the validity period of the approval document; Power enterprises shall not start construction of distribution projects without approval, and illegal construction of distribution projects does not belong to the existing distribution facilities of power enterprises; Within the pilot project, the power enterprise has been approved and started, but the project with less than 10% investment has been actually completed at the time of pilot approval; Due to historical reasons, the distribution settings that are transferred by local or users to power enterprises for operation free of charge can be included in the pilot of incremental distribution business after the ownership relationship is determined according to the relevant laws related to the successful listing this time; All localities can carry out pilot 220 kV incremental distribution business with distribution function according to needs, and the pilot scope is not limited to users' dedicated transformers

the draft stressed the need to further improve incremental distribution planning, Which is clear "Local energy authorities should earnestly perform the planning and management functions; scientifically set a reasonable planning scope; do a good job in the connection and coordination of incremental distribution planning; power enterprises should do a good job in information disclosure as required; strengthen the management of incremental distribution. China's plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable development, access to public power management, and establish a working mechanism for the inspection, supervision, evaluation and assessment of planning implementation to ensure the effective implementation of the planning."

it is understood that although the first batch of 105 (plus one later) incremental distribution pilot projects were introduced as early as the end of 2016, many projects encountered difficulties in implementation, and stalled due to the uncertainty of owners, external electrical boundaries, electrical access, regional division, asymmetric information and other issues

in Wu Junhong's view, the "opinion draft" gives a large introduction to the preliminary planning work, raising the planning to a high level, which shows its importance. "Only by doing a good job in planning, can we further have a clearer and more reasonable operability scheme in terms of economy and technology, so as to promote the progress of incremental distribution business. Detection and grading: it can improve the flexibility of measurement."

in addition, the draft also made further clarification on avoiding repeated construction and waste of investment in stock assets, encouraging stock assets to participate in the pilot reform of incremental distribution business, and further standardizing the investment, construction and operation of incremental distribution

it is also understood that after the introduction of the second batch of 89 incremental distribution pilot projects at the end of last year, the list of the third batch of pilot projects has been determined, or will be announced in the near future. "At present, enterprises are highly motivated to apply for and participate in incremental distribution, mainly because they are optimistic about the future development expectations." Wu Junhong said

"With the implementation of the regional division method and scope definition, the main disputes related to the early stage have been basically resolved by the policy. Subsequently, some incremental allocation pilot projects that have completed the main bidding for high-precision control of the output parameters of the performing components will gradually enter the approval and construction stages. We preliminarily estimate that the implementation of the first and second batch of incremental allocation pilot projects will stimulate the construction of tens of billions of yuan within the year Investment, and there is a certain space beyond expectations. " Zheshang Securities believes that

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