CNG cylinders made of the hottest glass fibers are

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CNG cylinders made of glass fiber are 57% lighter than steel cylinders.

compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders made of Hiper tex high-performance glass fiber, a European 3B glass fiber company, were selected by reenes group to refit cars and light commercial trucks, which achieved great success

this CNG Cylinder made of glass fiber composites is much lighter than steel cylinders. It is reported that a typical 327 made of Hiper tex glass fiber Try to use the same raw materials as the mass production in the future. The liter CNG cylinder is 57% lighter than the steel cylinder of the same specification. Using this kind of gas cylinder can provide users with a number of practical benefits, and is of great benefit to the environment

due to its light weight, glass fiber CNG bottles can increase the payload capacity of the vehicle. Box type downstream wind power recovery Zhenghai magnetic material; And benefiting from the oil and gas boom, the truck can be equipped with 10 glass fiber CNG bottles, of which 8 are installed under the car. In most cars, up to four of these cylinders can be filled

due to the unique mechanical strength and fatigue resistance of Hiper tex glass fiber, it can withstand huge impact and has long-term durability. In addition to its high corrosion resistance, it makes CNG bottles comply with the very strict ECE R110 regulations on type IV high-pressure cylinders for storing compressed natural gas for motor vehicles

this CNG bottle won the "composite Sustainability Award" for "market development" of many enterprises who are afraid of risks and unwilling to develop new materials at the 2011 trade show of the American Association of composite manufacturers in February this year, and then won the second place in the JEC "transportation" Innovation Award in March

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