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Honeywell supports Shanghai's domestic waste management measures

from June 17, 2019, Shanghai, Honeywell will implement waste classification and release in the Shanghai park in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Shanghai municipal domestic waste management regulations, and encourage employees to actively participate in waste classification and promotion, so as to contribute to the better environment in Shanghai

although the new regulations will be officially implemented from July 1, 2019, the new classified garbage cans in the public areas and tea rooms on all floors of Honeywell Shanghai park have been put in place, and the old garbage cans were all removed on June 14. All the garbage generated in the park will be divided into four categories: recyclables, hazardous garbage, wet garbage and dry garbage. In the tea room, canteen, lobby, elevator hall and other areas, SNS garbage cans will be replaced with new ones. The small garbage cans on all staff stations will be replaced with four groups of large classified garbage cans, which will be placed in the East, South, West and North fixed areas of the floor. At the same time, Honeywell is equipped with multiple types of input and communication interfaces (including 3G and WLAN), and the hall on each floor will also set up breakthroughs in new technologies, processes, products and materials of rechargeable batteries, as well as special recycling points for button batteries

in order to enable Honeywell employees to better grasp the knowledge of waste classification, promotional materials on waste classification will be posted in all tea rooms and public areas. At the same time, the administrative department of the company has arranged two training lectures on how to classify garbage correctly in early June, to explain in detail how to classify daily garbage everywhere in the office

Xu Lun, director of Honeywell Asia Pacific Real estate, said that Honeywell moved its Asia Pacific headquarters to Shanghai in 2004. We have been actively practicing the concept of green development and civilized development in Shanghai and throughout China. Shanghai is one of the first pilot cities in China to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of advanced basic material industry. The implementation of domestic waste classification and disposal will help Shanghai build an excellent global city. We also actively create an atmosphere for domestic waste management in the company and actively support Shanghai to do this meaningful and important work

Honeywell promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per dollar of revenue by 10% by 2022 compared with 2016. While improving its environmental protection standards, Honeywell continues to explore and innovate in environmental protection technology. More than a decade ago, Honeywell put forward the strategy of serving the East in the East. Based on China's national conditions, it has launched many high-quality solutions to protect public health and help enterprises save energy and reduce emissions in the Chinese market, supporting China's sustainable development and helping to realize the beautiful vision of a beautiful China

In 2004, Honeywell strategically moved its Asia Pacific headquarters to Shanghai, and then set up a Chinese R & D center in Zhangjiang High Tech Park in Pudong, Shanghai. Honeywell increased its capital by US $100million in 2016 to expand its Asia Pacific headquarters and China R & D center in Pudong, Shanghai. The 10 storey new headquarters building currently in use will help Honeywell expand its R & D and office areas by about 50% to support the continuous growth of the company's business and personnel in the Chinese market

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