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Warburg Pincus helps Nanchong commercial bank remote collaborative office

enterprise collaborative information management is mainly through the comprehensive use of information technology to enable enterprise users to achieve information sharing, collaborative work and resource management within and between departments, so as to reasonably organize the distribution of enterprise information resources and the division of labor of enterprise personnel, effectively use enterprise information resources and improve work efficiency

the performance of video conference in enterprise collaborative information management is excellent. The pilot establishment of smart chemical parks has been carried out nationwide, and has been valued by many enterprises. From remote conference for the purpose of improving communication efficiency, to remote training for the purpose of improving staff quality, and then to remote cooperation for the purpose of communication between higher and lower levels, the application of video conference in enterprises is extending to operation, management, decision-making Cooperation and other levels

project background

Nanchong commercial bank was established on December 27, 2001, located in Nanchong, the second largest financial, transportation hub, population, consumption and education center in Sichuan Province. On July 6, 2005, Nanchong Commercial Bank successfully introduced overseas strategic investors Germany investment and Development Co., Ltd. (DEG) and the German Savings Bank International Development Fund (sidt). Germany effectively promoted the healthy development of all biomedical materials industry, and the Savings Bank International Cooperation Fund (sbfic) provided technical assistance to the company

after more than ten years of development, Nanchong commercial bank has grown in size, with nearly 50 sub branches in Chengdu, Guiyang, Nanchong and other regions. With the continuous expansion of the scale of sub branches, Nanchong commercial bank needs to build a set of 7 * 24-hour real-time video conference system to meet the needs of interactive and collaborative work between the bank's head office and branches, branches and sub branches, as well as the need to hold two or more meetings anytime and anywhere. The constructed video conference system needs to meet the following requirements:

the system can realize the remote daily meeting, business training, business exchange and other consultation activities of the head office and 19 branches at any time

through the leadership desktop video conference system, the head office and branch leaders can communicate point-to-point or multi-party at any time

the system can realize relevant business training between the head office and local branches, has the function of electronic whiteboard, and realizes the real function of interactive and collaborative work

the system can record real-time meetings, including video, audio and interactive collaborative content, and provide on-demand playback services to facilitate those who do not participate in the meeting to view meeting materials

in addition, from the long-term development plan, the system is also required to realize the following gradual expansion functions:

the system has a flexible deployment mode. In addition to being able to deploy internally, it can realize transparent public-private or firewall traversal in the future to solve the video access of business travel employees, and mobile Bayer materials science announced the need to choose bioamber to supply biosuccinate mobile office

the system can be interconnected with the public (PSTN), so that ordinary users can participate in the consultation through or fixed

the system can support advanced SIP protocol, face the future, integrate with VoIP system or unified communication system, and further closely integrate with various business systems of the company to improve the application value of the system


in response to a series of demands of Nanchong commercial bank for video conference, the video conference system planned by Warburg Pincus for Nanchong commercial bank has covered a total of more than 20 video conference points, from 3 points in the early stage to 17 points in the second phase, and then to 5 points added in the third phase

Nanchong commercial bank built a 720p video conference system in 2010. With the continuous development of the bank, the 720P HD video conference system can no longer meet the needs of business, and it is in urgent need of upgrading from 720p to 1080 Full HD effect. The video conference system built by Warburg Pincus for Nanchong commercial bank is based on the existing IP network. The whole system is based on the industry's most advanced H.264 high profile video protocol and broadband voice, high-definition image quality of 1080 (1920*1080 quasi and even regional differences of distribution types are more obvious, high-definition), support 32kHz CD level sound effect, support VoIP access conference, and configure MCU media exchange platform, The full HD video terminal is adopted in the head office of Nanchong commercial bank and the HD video terminal is adopted in the branch, which fully supports high-definition network video conferencing and multi-functional applications, and fully meets the construction needs of this project

system architecture

system features

the system adopts internationally leading video and audio processing technology, fully supports H.264 high profile and H.264 SVC coding technology, and can realize the encoding and transmission of 1080p video under 1m bandwidth, meeting the requirements of Nanchong commercial bank HD video conference

the system supports data auxiliary functions such as document sharing, electronic whiteboard, screen sharing, file transmission, etc., and can be applied to remote video conference, remote training, etc., meeting the needs of Nanchong commercial bank to realize relevant business training between the head office and local branches

the system has good flexibility and scalability, supports VoIP access to conferences, and can be interconnected with the public (PSTN)

implementation effect

Nanchong commercial bank video conference system has been applied to the bank's loan review meeting, quarterly meeting, annual meeting, as well as the daily meeting and training meeting between the head office and sub branches, and has been highly praised by customers

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