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Honeywell released its new product RPN series rotary positioning sensor

the range of eight test rotary angles launched this time is 360 degrees. Because it allows users to choose products that are more closely matched with their actual applications, it provides users with greater control system accuracy. The new product has five voltage output modes (between 5VDC and 30VDC) and eight output configurations (MA or VDC) to improve the compatibility of various control systems. The linearity of the product as low as plus or minus 0.35 degrees provides customers with enhanced function test accuracy. The accuracy of this product essentially depends on the application requirements. Two types of couplers are selected and pushed into the next clamping installation to meet the needs of customers. The RPN series products also have similar packaging characteristics with previous products, which simplifies the use by avoiding recalibration. Therefore,

RPN series sensors use solid-state Hall effect technology, providing non-contact operation, increasing product service life and reducing product wear mechanism. These series of products use the magnetic function based on Hall effect integrated circuit to sense the position of the rotary motion of the regulator. These are the efforts of 3 stars on plastic materials. The circuit, together with the adjustment and protection circuit and two permanent magnets, is encapsulated in a solid IP67 rated standard size, which can be applied to harsh industrial environments and has good durability

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