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On May 11, the "special seminar on commercial rotary printing machine" organized by Beijing Printing Association was grandly held in Beijing. The conference brought together 11 enterprise managers with commercial rotary equipment in Beijing, and worked with industry associations and industry media to protect the rights of enterprises and seek the development plan of commercial rotary business. Mr. Ren Yucheng, general manager of Beijing Longda printing and Packaging Group Co., Ltd. and executive vice president of Beijing Printing Technology Association, said that China is still in the stage of in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. Introducing the purpose of the meeting, he said that the eight color commercial rotary printing machines in Beijing are developing rapidly, and the total volume ranks among the top in the country. They mainly print advertisements in color periodicals, posters and hypermarkets, This is closely related to the rapid development of the printing industry and the increasing demand of the market for the total production of color printing and rapid printing. However, due to the imbalance between the supply and demand of the total printing volume and the total publishing volume, the vicious suppression of printing wages by customers, the disorderly vicious competition within the industry, the destruction of criminals and many other problems, the living space of enterprises that spend a lot of money on commercial rotating equipment is becoming smaller and smaller, and the immediate interests and rights of enterprises cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, at the appeal of some enterprises, the Beijing Printing Association held this seminar, The purpose is to form a contact and communication network between the enterprises of commercial rotation printing, and form an organic contact body for service, management, price and information exchange. When the time is ripe, a professional committee of commercial rotation can also be established to reach a consensus within the industry, work together to fight the enemy and face problems together, so that the enterprise can develop better in a healthy environment

the meeting was presided over by Mr. Zhou Xun, deputy director of the group membership Working Committee of China printing and equipment industry association. Gao Fucheng, general manager of Beijing Xinhua printing factory, Zhang Lingui, general manager of Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd., Wu Jie, deputy general manager of Beijing Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., Li Jianzhu, general manager of Beijing Xinfeng Printing Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Huichang, director of Beijing No. 2 printing factory, Beijing No. 3 printing factory Mr. Qinglian, a representative of the people's Liberation Army printing plant and the head of Beijing quality inspection station, attended the meeting and made wonderful speeches respectively

the participants had a heated discussion on the problems existing in the current operation of commercial rotary printing, focusing on the following aspects:

1. The labor price fell sharply, and the profit space of enterprises became smaller and smaller

2. In terms of customer management, the large amount of money pressed and the slow payment collection cycle occupy a large amount of working capital, resulting in a shortage of working capital for enterprises, which has brought huge survival pressure to some small and medium-sized printing enterprises with insufficient strength

3. the utilization rate of equipment and the balance between supply and demand

4. supporting problems of equipment, etc

on these issues, the participants expressed their views one after another, and believed that such a form of friendship is very necessary. The industry association of excellent and cutting-edge talents in the experimental machine industry, which has gathered with our company, should unite horizontally and vertically, go hand in hand, build a price defense station and a market breakthrough station, actively solve the internal management mechanism of the enterprise, be brave to face change and competition, reduce management costs, and reduce costs. Zhang Lingui, general manager of Hualian printing, and Ren Yucheng, general manager of Longda packaging, actively suggested making full use of the industry's network media, publishing the blacklist of bad users, controlling illegal users, and establishing a benign industry development environment

finally, president Ren said in his summary that the most fundamental purpose of holding this meeting is to solve the profit level of business rotation enterprises and protect the legitimate interests of enterprises. This is the first time. I believe that the second meeting will be held soon. I hope it will be a more targeted and helpful meeting to solve problems

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