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Hongrun launched counter

Hongrun launched counter. Nhr-2300 series counter adopts full-automatic chip packaging process and has strong anti-interference ability. It has multiple output functions and control functions and multiple counting modes only when there is no national standard, industrial standard and local standard. It is widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, light industry, pharmacy, aviation and many other fields

6-bit LED digital display, wide display range, and display brightness can be adjusted

it has two counting inputs, a and B, and can also carry two external event inputs

the counting frequency can reach 20kHz

it has the functions of upper and lower limit alarm, delay alarm and alarm delay reset, with LED alarm light indication

it supports RS485 and RS232 serial interfaces and adopts standard Modbus RTU communication protocol

it has the function of resetting the instrument keys

it has the function of setting the power on reset state of the instrument

photoelectric isolation technology is used between output, power supply and communication

it has a variety of overall dimensions and styles for users to choose

panel touch key settings, parameter settings are permanently saved after power failure

pv: display the measured value; In the parameter setting state, the parameter symbol and parameter value are displayed

a/t: when PV shows a-way, the indicator light is on

b/d: when the PV shows route B, the indicator light is on

al1: channel a alarm indicator

al2: b-way alarm indicator

hz: standby

c: the indicator light of the counter is on

t: standby

note: when the overall dimension is 96*4 tonnage, it is generally difficult to achieve a small 8mm, there is no Hz, C, t indicator light

nhr-2300 □ - □/□/□/□/□/□/□ () - scope of application □

counter ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧ ⑨

must be complete when writing the model, and the unselected function items cannot be omitted, and must be supplemented with X

banks should lower the threshold

examples of models:



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