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Honeywell released its first process industry smart factory white paper

Xi'an, China. On October 16, 2019, Honeywell today released a process industry smart factory white paper, which elaborated on how to use industrial IOT (iiot) to improve the performance of manufacturing enterprises under the strategic background of China's smart +. The report was officially released by the newly established Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute of Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd

this white paper entitled "intelligent factory in process industry from insight to results" mainly discusses the definition of intelligent factory, the key success factors of intelligent manufacturing, the latest technology trends in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and the cases of Horney's advanced technology helping Chinese and global customers achieve success

although China's process industry is catching up with the rest of the world in terms of sustainable and high-quality manufacturing, many enterprises still do not know where to start. Chen Yan, vice president and general manager of Honeywell process control department in Greater China, said that Honeywell has been a leader in the field of industrial automation technology and solutions that can attract customers' favor for decades, so it has the ability to share our excellent practical experience, knowledge and insights with Chinese enterprises. We are honored to participate in China's sustained growth in recent years and are committed to providing strong support for the long-term development of Chinese partners

Honeywell (China) Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute mainly focuses on the market and technology research of Intelligent Manufacturing in China. It plans to release the latest reports on intelligent manufacturing, market, application and technology trends every year. At the same time, it will also be committed to providing corresponding consulting services for Chinese enterprises and governments, and establishing partnerships with universities, research institutions and non-profit organizations to promote the high-quality development of China

Honeywell process industry smart factory white paper and Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd. Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute were officially released and announced at the 2019 Honeywell science and Technology Summit on the same day. The summit was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province from October 15 to 18, and more than 60 products and solutions were displayed, attracting more than 350 participants

the new products released at this summit include:

Honeywell smart tank farm: integrated production and safety solution, which mainly connects process alarm, patrol system events, equipment status and health, safety and environmental management system, and establishes workflow monitoring and task tracking mechanism. It adopts advanced embedded analysis software technology to provide a unified mobile access solution for business management, security monitoring and work order management

During the warranty period, the

smart tank farm not only integrates data from subsystems into a unified platform, but also constructs the data flow and logic across subsystems into a general data center to realize real data interconnection. Through this unified platform, the previously isolated systems are connected to realize data interconnection and personnel interconnection, so that customers can carry out all-round monitoring and task tracking of the whole process for the tank farm, and improve safety management and operation accuracy. There are 10 large plastic markets and efficiency

Honeywell factory mobile operation software (MPO) is a set of mobile operation solutions for daily factory inspection, personnel positioning, personnel communication and process management. This technology relies on cloud technology, intelligent devices and their applications, works together with back-end servers, intelligently connects with MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and other systems in the factory, connects multiple departments, and even breaks the boundaries of the company, comprehensively integrates personnel, equipment and information systems, cooperates with field operations, and realizes the standardization, scientization and digitization of equipment management. It helps protect customers' existing investments and use the latest technology to improve operational efficiency

Honeywell alarm push system (ads) can input the number and frequency of industrial experiments into the program through a proprietary application, and key maintenance personnel and management personnel inside and outside the plant can connect important alarm, production and environmental protection data in real time. Ads supports OPC (a software interface standard that allows windows programs to communicate with industrial hardware devices) and can obtain data from various control systems. Ads integrates OPC a e (alarm event) protocol, and can customize push rules, upgrade and do not disturb modes. Ads can actively remind relevant maintenance personnel to take immediate action, so as to shorten the response time and prevent minor accidents from escalating

for more information, please visit the 2019 HPS China Technology Symposium Honeywell technology summit

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