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24 things to know about the industrial control automation industry in January

pinch your fingers and calculate that it is only six days away from the Chinese New Year's Eve (actually 29)! Presumably, some friends have been on holiday and are on their way home; Some may still stick to the last shift. But in any case, the past year, hard sweat, in exchange for fruitful, we are gratified. The bugle of 2016 has sounded, and what we expect will be closer and closer

in this year, we have, as always, checked the events in January for the industrial control partners. Please check the details one by one

On January 13, Rockwell Automation and its Internet companies parachuted into Shenzhen to gather with its partner alliance, professional users and industry experts in South China at the gorgeous Shangri La Hotel. The venue was packed with at least 1000 people. The two-day event included 26 booths, 62 technical seminars and 9 hands-on experiments, creating a valuable exchange platform for industry peers across the country to share automation knowledge related to interconnected enterprises. (original reading)

Siemens announced that it had reached a stock acquisition agreement with CD adapco (Xidi Anke) to acquire CD adapco at a price of US $970million. CD adapco is a global engineering simulation software supplier with a unique vision for multidisciplinary design expansion (mdx). CD adapco will be incorporated into Siemens PLM Software under Siemens Digital Factory Group (DF). (original reading)

at the beginning of 2016, Peng Xiaowei, a famous industrial control expert, officially joined phoenix contact. Peng Xiaowei has more than 20 years of rich management experience in the field of industrial control and automation, and has served as general manager and president in well-known local and multinational companies such as Hollysys, Schneider Electric and kongchuang. Peng Xiaowei's joining phoenix contact will jointly lead and promote the further development of Phoenix Contact's automation and intelligence strategy. (original reading)

after the acquisition of Alstom's energy department, General Electric (GE), a veteran American industrial giant, plans to cut 6500 employees in Europe within two years, including 1700 in Germany and 765 in France. Ge said layoffs were a step in its business integration. At the same time, its spokesman said in the statement that it would still fulfill the commitment made by the acquisition of Al not only to ensure the degree of countertops, but also to lubricate stone's energy department to increase 1000 jobs in France. On January 18, 2016, abb and Huazhong University of science and technology signed a three-year framework cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, abb will provide about 1.8 million yuan to support Huazhong University of science and technology to carry out scientific research projects, focusing on promoting the development of topology and hardware in the field of power electronics. The research on topology and the development of new converters in this scientific research project will help ABB further increase the reserves of relevant cutting-edge technologies, and design and develop converter products with smaller volume, higher efficiency and better functions to meet the changes and trends of future power demand. (original text reading)

four months after the announcement of restructuring last year, xinshida announced on January 25 that the company issued shares to purchase assets and raise supporting funds, which was unconditionally approved by the mergers and acquisitions Committee of the CSRC. This transaction is to acquire 100% equity of Huitong technology and 49% equity of Xiaoao Xiangrong by issuing shares and paying cash. (original reading)

recently, the inauguration ceremony of the Chengdu new robot center of Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Chengdu Guoteng science and technology park. Chengdu new robot center is the third all-round robot center of Yaskawa electric in China after Shanghai and Guangzhou, which integrates five functions: exhibition, training, testing, scheme and after-sales. (original reading)

Ge and Haier Group set up a joint working group in accordance with the global strategic cooperation framework agreement signed on January 15 to comprehensively promote strategic cooperation in the fields of industrial interconnection, intelligent manufacturing, consumer healthcare, etc., and will promote the relevant application of Ge predix as an industrial interconnection platform in the domestic manufacturing industry for the first time, and jointly explore the use of interconnection + to help Chinese manufacturing and industrial upgrading. (original text reading)

University of science and technology intelligence announced in the evening of January 15 that the company plans to increase the capital of Shanghai Lingzhi Robot Technology Co., Ltd. by 30million yuan. After the capital increase is completed, the company will hold 20% of the equity of Lingzhi robot. Lingzhi robot's business scope includes the R & D and sales of robots and related technologies, as well as providing related technical consulting, technical services, technology transfer, etc. it has unique technical advantages in the field of multi-mode robot recognition and intelligent interaction. (original text reading)

Siemens released the first medium and high-end general-purpose inverter to achieve full life cycle localization. As a built-in single machine drive frequency converter, SINAMICS g120l frequency converter is suitable for the application of high-power, variable frequency speed regulation system, and can be widely used in variable frequency speed regulation control tasks in various fields, especially in the speed regulation application of fans, pumps, compressors and other equipment in industrial environment. (original reading)

Emerson company released the prediction of the degree of joint protection of the rights and interests of developing countries in 2016, the trend of China's economic and industrial development. Emerson Asia Pacific president Yang Shaozeng said. We believe that the government's initiatives will influence and promote innovation in the private sector. In 2016, we will see the transformation of manufacturing efficiency and quality, as well as industrial safety; Industrial and residential sectors will also increase efforts to adopt green energy. (original text reading)

Boshi shares announced on January 4 that on December 30, the company signed a sales contract with Zhongtai mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd., and Boshi shares sold (high temperature) furnace front operation robots to Zhongtai mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd., with a total contract amount of 108 million yuan. At present, the furnace front work robot is mainly used in the carbide smelting industry, and it can also be extended to other high-temperature furnace front work fields in the future to realize manual replacement in complex, high-temperature and dangerous working environment. (original reading)

on January 26, the 2015 competitiveness index report of foreign-funded enterprises in China was officially released, which announced the ranking of the competitiveness of foreign-funded enterprises in China in 2015. Unilever, Samsung, abb, Johnson & Johnson, Volkswagen, Intel, Bosch, Toyota, Siemens, ZF and other 10 enterprises were awarded the top ten competitive foreign-funded enterprises in China. (original reading)

before that, the article "ten years of boasting, ten years of disrespected Chinese manufacturing" was wildly forwarded in the circle of friends. This article is a self deprecation of China's manufacturing industry. After decades of efforts, a country called nails has become the world's largest manufacturing country with the largest total manufacturing output and a complete range of industries. We cannot ignore this fact. (original reading)

what is industry 4.0? In fact, there is no standard answer, not even the Germans themselves. In the early years, practitioners in the industrial automation industry used the old monk's way of telling stories to talk about this mysterious industry 4.0. The author said that industry 4.0 is the first important day, intelligent production. Industry 4.0 second day, intelligent products. Industry 4.0 fourth heavy day, cloud factory. Industry 4.0, the fifth heaviest day, cross-border strike. When industry 4.0 entered the fifth heavy day, the author took a watch manufacturer as an example. This watch is attached to your body every day to collect various data of your body. These data may not be useful for watch manufacturers, but it is a treasury for insurance companies. At this time, watch manufacturers can become the best insurance companies by changing. (original reading)

at present, industrial robots have initially formed a market for technology situation, and independent brands are facing fierce challenges in the reliability and cost performance of applications. In 2015, benefiting from the support of relevant policies and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the domestic industrial robot market achieved stable growth and handed in a beautiful report card. However, the problem is that the increase in sales has not brought more profits to the enterprise. The gross profit of single product decreased by about 15% in 2015. Of course, there were also some new ontology manufacturers in 2015, and their products are still in the stage of R & D and use. Data: compared with previous years, the growth of process automation shipments slowed down in 2014. The slowdown in growth will become the new normal. The weak order demand of key suppliers in 2014 indicates the market trend in the next few years. This is mainly due to the sharp decline in the prices of oil demand automobile manufacturers, material parts enterprises with advanced technology R & D capabilities and research institutions and other bulk commodities in the second half of 2014. Not only oil and gas industry companies shelved projects and cut budgets, but other industries moved forward cautiously in an uncertain economic environment. (original reading)

in early 2012, the German industry proposed industry 4.0, and then the United States proposed the development of industrial interconnection. What is the difference? In the development concept of German industry 4.0, hard manufacturing is still emphasized, closely linked to its own manufacturing industry, especially the equipment manufacturing industry. Compared with the hard manufacturing of German industry 4.0, the industrial interconnection proposed by the United States puts more emphasis on soft and information industry. (original reading)

what is flexible production? Flexibility is relative to rigidity. Traditional rigid automatic production lines mainly realize mass production of a single variety. Flexible manufacturing systems can be analyzed from the following dimensions: 1 Equipment flexibility; 2. Process flexibility; 3. Product flexibility; 4. Flexible work and rest; 5. Capacity flexibility; 6. Expand flexibility; 7. Production flexibility. On January 27, the executive meeting of the State Council again focused on made in China. The meeting pointed out that the implementation of made in China 2025 has played a positive role in promoting the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, which is also an important part of deepening the supply side structural reform. On this basis, the meeting also proposed to set up a special fund for made in China 2025 and launch a number of major landmark projects and technological transformation projects. At the same time, we should make a breakthrough in "made in China + Internet" as soon as possible to realize that made in China is moving towards the middle and high end. (original reading)

ics/scada researchers from Russia have released a list of popular industrial systems, but this is not an honor list. This list, known as scadapaas, covers more than 100 products, ranging from controllers to web servers, while related manufacturers include Allen Bradley Industry giants such as Schneider Electric and Siemens (original reading)

Dongguan is at the forefront of China's industrial transformation and upgrading, which is regarded as a microcosm of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Despite all kinds of transformation problems, the research in Dongguan found that the sky of manufacturing transformation has begun to dawn. The replacement of machines, the renewal of intelligent manufacturing equipment, the penetration of Internet into industrial processes, and the reform of commercial systems have stimulated enthusiasm for innovation. Some new signs of transformation are outlining the path of manufacturing in China from low-end to medium and high-end. Industry experts interviewed said that perhaps the moment of economic downturn and heavy pressure is the best time to promote technological revolution and enterprise transformation and upgrading. How can we know that the worst time is not the best time for butterfly change in manufacturing. (original reading)

in 2015, the demand for industrial robots in China reached 10.9 billion yuan, an increase of 16% year-on-year, while the growth rate of robot demand in 2016 will further slow down. Luo huanta, vice president of the Institute of higher industry, said. According to his analysis, the manufacturing environment in 2016 is still sluggish. In addition, in recent years, robot manufacturers at home and abroad have laid out the 3C market one after another, and it is expected to be widely used next year: they will vigorously promote 3C market products

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