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Huawei won the bid for the high-end storage procurement project of the people's Bank of China. After the 1990s, the hydraulic technology has developed very fast.

ctiforum news on June 22 (remember that it was named as Li Wenjie of Kedi Huazhe): Huawei, the world's leading supplier of information and communication solutions, recently won the bid for the high-end disk array procurement project of the people's Bank of China, providing a higher reliability guarantee for the relevant business systems of the financial information center of the people's Bank of China A data storage platform with higher performance and scalability

with the vigorous development of China's economy, the scale of information processing in the financial field has increased year by year. The people's Bank of China is responsible for the formulation and supervision of the national monetary policy, the regulation and supervision of the financial market, the operation and management of the national finance (3) the diversification of the experimental system, and the exchange and processing of a large amount of information in the national financial field. The pressure of information processing is increasing year by year. High end disk array has become the core bearing and management platform for storing key business data in the financial industry with its high reliability, high information storage and processing capacity, and high disaster recovery and backup capacity. However, with the vigorous development of the financial market, users in the financial industry have put forward higher requirements for high-end disk arrays

traditional disk arrays use disk as the main storage medium. Because disk is a kind of mechanical equipment, limited by the performance bottleneck of mechanical parts, the performance of disk equipment has been improved slowly for many years, which is far slower than that of other computer components such as CPU. Following the development of Moore's law, the capacity per unit area of new flash media is gradually increased, and the price per unit capacity is reduced year by year. High end disk arrays must have the ability to accommodate flash media and disk media in order to become a new generation of converged storage to meet the needs of the financial industry for storage processing performance. How can they operate and switch with unknown results as conditions? Therefore, high requirements are required in practice. Huawei oceanstor18000 series high-end storage devices consider the integration of flash memory and disk media from the beginning of product design. According to different business scenarios, the integration function of SmartCache and smarttier flash memory is designed. It can not only speed up the flash memory of high-frequency read data, but also dynamically migrate the hot and cold data between high-performance and low-performance media based on a certain algorithm, which solves the problem of the integration of flash memory and disk efficiently and at low cost

the new high-end converged storage device inherits the high reliability, high expansion and disaster recovery backup capabilities of the traditional high-end disk array, and has become the carrier and processing platform of the new generation of core data in the financial field. Huawei has focused on the research and development of storage devices for many years. Its oceanstor18000 series high-end storage has been widely used in the financial industry and has been highly recognized by customers in the financial industry

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