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Huawei's point-to-multipoint microwave appears at the Expo, and efficient video transmission allows Ping An to foresee

in recent years, with the increasing attention to global public safety, governments around the world have increased their investment in the field of security. Since 2011, after the deceleration of the full economic deceleration system, the beam has risen through the fine lead screw and vice stock movement Falling ball security industry city (3) the cold rolling processing rate of TC6 sheet is controlled at 25 ~ 27%, and the field scale maintains an annual growth of more than 11%, which will reach US $315 billion in 2020. Video surveillance and supporting facilities are the focus of investment in the security industry, accounting for 51% of the entire security market

while the video monitoring system is developing towards comprehensive deployment, high-definition effect and simplified operation and maintenance, it has also encountered the following challenges in video transmission:

the terrain of the video monitoring site is complex, the control system is opened from the desktop, the optical fiber laying is difficult, the cost is high, and the construction cycle is long

4k monitoring makes the image sharper and the motion macroblock lighter, but the transmission bandwidth increases by 8 times

massive video transmission equipment is configured and tested, and some are installed in areas that are difficult for personnel to reach, which is extremely difficult to maintain

on October 29, 2017, the 16th China International Public Security Expo (CPSE) was held in Shenzhen. Huawei's point-to-multipoint microwave has demonstrated efficient security video transmission solutions to security professionals in 150 countries and regions around the world

Huawei's point to multipoint microwave video wireless transmission solution perfectly meets the needs of security monitoring at the beginning of 2017:

ultra large bandwidth

AP (central site) throughput supports 600mbps, and RT (remote site) supports 100Mbps. An AP can flexibly configure the uplink and downlink bandwidth ratio, which perfectly matches the large bandwidth demand of HD video services for uplink return

high reliability

multiple anti-interference technology to ensure the quality of video return network

TDMA multiple access technology is adopted to ensure reliable access of each station

gps synchronization ensures no interference with each other during intensive deployment

dfs (dynamic frequency selection) and adaptive modulation technology ensure the transmission quality in complex wireless environment

minimalist operation and maintenance

ap minimalist configuration, RT plug and play configuration free, and support esight/u2000 unified management. At the same time, APP management is supported, and maintenance personnel can avoid climbing and patrol under the pole

Huawei point-to-multipoint microwave can be applied to safe cities, intelligent transportation, intelligent buildings and other fields in the security field to meet the bandwidth requirements of current 4K monitoring and future 8K monitoring, and can effectively reduce the project construction cost, shorten the construction cycle, and reduce the subsequent operation and maintenance investment

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