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Can you see Huawei TV this year? It is said that glory TV will be promoted in spring

since the second half of last year, many manufacturers are conducting research or will enter the TV market, among which Huawei has been exposed to launch TV products this year. According to leading financial news, relevant industry insiders revealed that Huawei will launch TV in the second half of this year, and its subsidiary brands will launch TV as Pathfinder in April and may this year

Huawei kept a cautious attitude and said "no comment". However, this does not mean that Huawei's TV business is in vain. According to the confirmation of leading finance and economics to many industry insiders, Huawei has been in frequent contact with the TV industry and is preparing for product marketing and channel construction

Huawei has not yet established an independent television business department. At present, a team of about twoorthree people belongs to the IOT department structure and is launched as part of the smart home strategy. Similar to the cooperative design and production mode of some Xiaomi TV products in TCL, Huawei TV is likely to adopt screens from BOE and produce them through OEM through Gaochuang, which is controlled by BOE

it is said that Huawei is currently adopting a "pipeline strategy" in its intelligent terminal business, that is, all intelligent terminal products will become the transmission pipeline of Huawei cloud services, just like providing users with a channel to distribute applications through hardware, and Huawei TV will become the focus of content distribution. At present, Huawei has launched or is preparing a number of smart home applications, including voice assistants, smart appliances and other multi-purpose devices

the upcoming 5g era in 2016 is also an opportunity for Huawei to start preparing for the TV business. From the 5g commercial equipment launched by Huawei at present, the 5g network envisioned by Huawei will be a dense network with high bandwidth and multiple devices. In the future, all devices are expected to connect independently, not limited to. Through an independent and stable 5g network with high bandwidth, Huawei TV will realize the presentation of high-definition picture programs with a resolution of 4K or more

in 2014, Huawei consumer business cooperated with Skyworth to launch TV products equipped with Hisilicon processors and provide a large and small screen interaction experience with TVs. Huawei terminals have also launched TV box products, but the latest version on sale was also launched in 2016, and the product line has not been updated for more than two years

there is also Yijia, which is also expected to launch TV products with Huawei. Liuzuohu, CEO of Yijia, has publicly announced that it will launch high-end flagship TV products in 202 thermoplastic molding and extrusion materials in 0. Oppo, which is closely related to Yijia, also launched the smart terminal brand "zhimeixinpin" in January 2019, Oppo, which has entered into new business and hopes to occupy the living room, is also expected to launch TV, focusing on promoting the development of microstructure refinement and stabilized heat treatment process for large forgings of nuclear power pressure vessels

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