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Huawei China ICT ecological trip 2017 Harbin station is about to open due to the gathering

with the gathering - co partner, Huawei China ecological partnership conference 2017 has been successfully concluded in Changsha, and a new round of Long March activities in the ICT field, which has gone through five years, is about to begin. In order to make the results of this ecological partnership conference benefit more ecological partners, In particular, Huawei changed the name of the previous Huawei ICT China tour to Huawei China ICT eco trip 2017. This series of activities will last for six months and will cover 300 cities across the country. Huawei hopes to spread the latest ecological construction concepts and policy changes across China, and build an exchange platform for customers and partners to collide with the spark of digital transformation wisdom, so as to jointly explore new business values; At the same time, the leading and open ICT infrastructure can realize the simultaneous coordination of multiple fatigue testing machines and work platforms to all regions, promote joint innovation, and finally share the results of digital transformation with customers and partners

on March 23, Harbin will be the first stop of Huawei's China ICT ecological tour 2017 in the northern region, opening at the Wanda realm hotel in Harbin. It is expected that more than 500 customers and ecological partners will gather together to discuss the hot trends in the industry and share successful experiences; At the same time, a number of new Huawei products and solutions will be released, and several industry sub forums will be held

this year's Huawei China ICT ecological trip continued the main theme of the ecological partnership conference. "LANXESS has set up a high-performance plastic factory in Wuxi, China -- because of gathering.". By advocating a new ecosystem, Huawei hopes to focus more partners, more energy and more value together, forming an endless organic cycle. In the era of digital transformation, we will build a prosperous ecosystem and share the achievements of digital transformation. Therefore, in the exhibition hall of Harbin railway station this time, Huawei's logo exposure will be reduced comprehensively, and more stages will be left to ecological partners -- in the exhibition hall, we will see nearly 20 ecological partners, such as softcom power, Beijing jingtianwei, Guoyu Tiansheng, University of technology software, kaina technology, display joint innovation solutions

in July this year, Huawei China ICT eco tour 2017 will also complete 10 touring exhibitions throughout the fertile soil of Heilongjiang in the name of ecology, creating a mobile exhibition hall for customers and partners. There are the same materials, but there are different experiences

from Huawei China ICT exhibition tour to Huawei China ICT ecological trip 2017, because Huawei knows that the source power to promote ecological prosperity and development is conceived on the vast land of the motherland. As long as each ecological partner, regardless of size, has unique value and contribution, it can form a community of mutual, symbiotic and regenerative interests, which is an indispensable part of ecological prosperity

juerchuang's technological innovation, high-end products, industrial integration, regional clustering and internationalization of layout are the general trend of the development of biomedical materials industry. New, gather and open, gather and prosper. Huawei China ICT ecological trip 2017, meet you in Harbin station, and jointly feel the charm of ecological blooming

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