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After the mobilization meeting of Sinochem news group's 100 day action to tackle difficulties and achieve efficiency was held, Hubei chemical fertilizer company refined measures, adhered to the idea in place, organization in place, measures in place, supervision in place, made precise efforts, continued to tap potential and increase efficiency, and made concerted efforts to tackle difficulties and achieve efficiency, laying a solid foundation for achieving the annual production and operation goals and accelerating the transformation and development of Hubei chemical fertilizer

thought in place. The company interprets the purpose and significance of the hundred days of hard work and effective action through leading cadres and teams; Widely publicize and popularize good ideas, measures and experiences at the grass-roots level; Take measures such as incorporating advanced and typical characters and deeds into the enterprise culture story collection and propaganda content, vigorously publicize and create an atmosphere, cover the whole staff, form a heat, twist everyone into a rope, unite as one, and promote the 100 day strong and effective action

well organized. The company set up a leading group of 100 days' hard work and efficiency creation led by the main leaders, and set up five working groups, including operation optimization, operation optimization, benefit cost, Party construction promotion, and assessment and supervision, to clarify work responsibilities, tasks, and objectives, regularly discuss and judge, and also form a work briefing including computer aided engineering (CAE) and physical testing, submit it to the leading group, and spare no effort to eliminate pain points, foot switches, etc., solve difficulties, and unblock blocking points, Ensure that all work steps on the progress node. On April 4, the first phase of the company's 100 day action briefing was released, providing ideas and basis for the next step

measures are in place. Focusing on the three key objectives of efficiency, production and operation, and cost control, the company has formulated 23 key tasks and specific measures in eight aspects, including safety and environmental protection, increasing production and income, optimizing resources, reducing costs and expenses, and asset revitalization, in combination with the ongoing theme education of "changing concepts, taking responsibility bravely, and promoting transformation" and the annual activity of lean management improvement. They reported the overall progress and the completion of measures every week, set up a notification supervision and reward and punishment evaluation mechanism such as the 100 day success award, formed a closed-loop management, and promoted the implementation of key work and specific measures. Since April, the company has achieved initial results in increasing production and income. The daily output of synthetic ammonia plant has increased by more than 12.6%, and the rate of excellent products has reached 100%. Both consumption and benefit are better than the production and operation objectives

supervision is in place. Six cadre style inspection teams led by organ cadres, according to the frequency of three times a day during the maintenance period and no less than three times a week at ordinary times, adopt individual interviews, on-site inspections, records review and other methods to carry out inspections on the performance of Party members and cadres, key measures, progress nodes and the completion of technical indicators in the 100 day hard work and efficiency action, and notify and expose party members and cadres who fail to perform their duties every week to pass on pressure, Urge party members and cadres to fulfill their duties, never forget their original intentions, and always maintain their true colors

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