Huawei will promote wttx optical fiber on the hott

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On 2015mwc, Huawei will promote wttx fiber-optic wireless broadband solutions

at the 2015 world mobile communication conference to be held in Barcelona, Spain, Huawei will release wttx solutions based on TD-LTE technology, provide high-speed wireless broadband access services comparable to optical fibers, provide users with excellent mobile broadband experience loaded at the required rate control, and push the commercial application of TD-LTE to a new level

wttx (wireless to the x) is a wireless broadband access solution similar to the fixed fiber FTTx technology. Relying on 4x4 MIMO (multiple input multiple output) and LTE-A technologies such as dual carrier aggregation, this scheme can double the spectral efficiency, and make the average rate of a single user reach 50Mbps and the peak value reach 400Mbps. In addition, through multi antenna technology and high gain CPE terminals, this scheme can greatly improve the coverage radius of single base stations. 2. The growth of the main business income of China's paper industry, even if applied to high-frequency networks such as 3.5GHz, can make its coverage capacity reach or even exceed the coverage capacity of mainstream 3G bands with low load, such as 1.8GHz and 2.1GHz. Wttx can also provide a variety of business types, including video broadcasting, VoIP (network voice), enterprise professional, etc., which can help operators effectively improve ARPU value

at the same time, wttx wireless broadband technology also has the characteristics of rapid deployment. Operators don't even need to install it on site. Users can get CPE terminals by themselves in the business hall, and can enjoy high-speed broadband access services after they go home and power on, which greatly reduces the operation and maintenance cost. In addition, with the help of LTE-A's advanced technology, wttx can reduce the cost of a single bit by 40% and significantly improve the return on investment. It is estimated that by adopting wttx wireless broadband technology, most operators can quickly recover their investment within two years, so it has become an excellent choice for fixed operators, mobile operators and new brand operators. At present, the progressiveness of the scheme has been widely verified in many operator networks around the world, including Asia, Europe, America, Africa and so on

Huawei will launch a commercial terminal supporting 4x4 MIMO and carrier aggregation in the second half of 2015. Subsequently, it will continue to introduce 4.5g technologies such as 8x8 MIMO, four carrier aggregation, 256qam (quadrature amplitude modulation) and improve the spectral efficiency by another 2.5 times, so that the peak rate can reach 1Gbps

Xiongwei, President of Huawei wireless TDD product line, said: wttx solution is very suitable as a supplementary method for the last kilometer broadband access, providing fiber-like access services for areas where there is no fiber. In addition, it is the best choice for national wireless broadband and rural coverage. Huawei is committed to helping operators around the world achieve business success by providing the best network solutions, the best network performance without reoperation, and the most innovative end-to-end user experience

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