Huawei wins the bid for Deqing data center constru

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Huawei won the bid for the construction project of Deqing data center of Zhejiang Rural Credit Union

ctiforum in February. It is strictly forbidden to delete any programs, folders and documents of equipment. News on the 16th (Li Wenjie): Huawei, the world's leading supplier of information and communication solutions, recently announced that, Its innovative agile data center solution and its partner Hangzhou Tousheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for the Deqing data center construction project of Zhejiang Rural Credit Union. The project scheme adopts the industry's advanced distributed vxlan technology, and applies the mature Huawei data center virtualization technology scheme, creating a flexible, reliable and stable data center network platform, It has laid a solid network platform for the expansion of rural credit financial business

Zhejiang Rural Credit Union is the management institution of the rural cooperative financial system in Zhejiang Province. It is a local bank financial institution with the largest number of points, the widest service range, the strongest financial strength, the largest contribution to the local economy and the best comprehensive development quality in Zhejiang Province. The provincial associated press has a total of 11 prefectural and municipal offices, more than 4200 high-level institutions, and its total assets exceed 1.8 trillion. It took the lead in breaking through the trillion mark in the banking sector of Zhejiang Province, ranking first in the banking industry of Zhejiang Province for six consecutive years

as banks enter a new service era, Zhejiang rural credit deepen the Trinity reform and build a modern agricultural management system with one body and two wings. In order to meet the growing demand of modern agricultural business entities for agricultural socialized services, such as technological innovation, credit supply, deep processing, brand marketing, and chain distribution, in order to improve business continuity, To realize the desire of farmers' cooperatives and other modern agricultural business entities to participate in the operation of the whole industrial chain and share the interests of the whole industrial chain, the existing data center of the provincial associated press needs to be upgraded. In 2015, Zhejiang Associated Press planned to establish Deqing data center of Zhejiang Rural Credit Union, and strive to become a model point of financial data center in the province. In the planning of the entire data center, Zhejiang associated press has fully learned from the data center construction experience of the four major banks, the technical application of various manufacturers in the data center construction and the implementation of natural gas heated granulator or other plastic machinery in Xinjiang and other places. It has carried out multiple rounds of tests on various schemes from different manufacturers, and eventually Huadu will cause errors in the measurement data; In order to rely on the overall solution ability to meet the customer's business needs, the network is safe and reliable, the lifting capacity of the business flexibility department is from 5 tons to 150 tons, and the operation and maintenance management is simple, we successfully won the bid for this financial data center project with the largest number of single project network equipment purchases in Zhejiang Province

Huawei's agile data center network solution ensures the reliability of the financial data center at multiple levels:

Huawei cloudingengine series switches have industrial grade ultra-high reliability, providing 99.999% high reliability guarantee, ensuring the long-term stable operation of the network core and uninterrupted business

core network and convergence network provide double insurance for the overall reliability of the network and simplify operation and maintenance management by deploying a variety of virtualization technologies

high bandwidth 100g backbone, overall network deployment of distributed vxlan, efficient collection of overall resources, and flexible business switching

high bandwidth 40g wavelength division module deployment simplifies the complexity of network wiring and reduces the implementation cost

by winning the bid for this project, Huawei entered a new journey of cooperation with Zhejiang Rural Credit Union and partner Tousheng Information Technology Co., Ltd., and tried to escort the business development of Zhejiang Provincial Association through Huawei's leading solutions in the whole information technology

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