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Your trusted professional memory service provider - Huazhou Technology Co., Ltd.

Huazhou Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the vibrant southern city of Shenzhen. Since its establishment, Huazhou technology has taken the revitalization of China's electronic industry as its own responsibility. While introducing products and technologies from advanced countries (regions) in the world, it has continuously improved its professional and technical level and dedicated service spirit. In recent years, Huazhou technology has successfully represented the new generation of nonvolatile memory (FRAM) of Ramtron international in the United States, high-quality sensor technology products for improving resource utilization of ZMD in Germany, Taiwan Huabang electronic spiflash, and high-quality and low-cost metering chips of Taiwan Fujing Semiconductor Co., Ltd

in this exhibition, Huazhou focused on the introduction of ZMD 31050 advanced differential sensor signal regulator to promote the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of traditional raw material industry. This is a CMOS integrated circuit with high-precision signal amplification and sensor calibration functions specifically for bridge sensors and temperature sensors. The device uses a 16 bit RSIC processing device that runs a correction algorithm. Wang dengwen introduced that the device digitally compensates the offset, accuracy, temperature drift and nonlinearity of the sensor. It has been designed for industrial, medical and civil consumption fields, and is especially suitable for pressure, liquid level, flow, weighing, torque, acceleration, angle, displacement and rotation sensors

under the company's high-performance management system, Huazhou technology will rely on honest management and technological innovation, uphold the spirit of unity and dedication, and strive to create greater value for our customers

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