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The "agile" network service platform of Chongqing Beibei District government is built by Huawei. Beibei District is located at the foot of Jinyun Mountain and by the Jialing River. It is an important part of Chongqing urban function expansion area and Liangjiang New Area. Covering an area of 755 square kilometers, this area is mainly occupied by more than 30 commissions and offices other than the Public Security Bureau, of which the finance, health and Discipline Inspection Commission, and administrative management office are mainly distributed in the archives building

as a new building, the construction of network should naturally keep up with the pace of the times, not only the data exchange and link bandwidth should be able to adapt to the expansion and changes in the next five years; At the same time, the wired network should be safe and reliable, and the wireless should also realize no dead corner access. The specific requirements are as follows:

High Performance: wired Gigabit to desktop, wireless is required to support a variety of terminal intelligent access, and the core data switch is required to reach 10t level

high reliability: equipment and link reliability, equipment operation stability

security: users can access wirelessly and wirelessly anytime and anywhere, while ensuring export security (anti-virus, online behavior management, etc.)

easy maintenance: one wired and wireless network, unified platform maintenance (including server, storage, data communication network and security equipment)

it can be seen that Chongqing Beibei District government hopes to build a wired and wireless network, which can be managed and maintained through a simple and unified platform, so that staff can enjoy the same network experience at any time, anywhere in the park and in any way; At the same time, we should also meet the needs of work and business strategies, ensure the rapid response and processing of the business of the Government Affairs Commission and office, and realize agile network services

Huawei's agile park network helped Beibei District government build a new building network coverage construction

Huawei focused on customer needs and created an agile park network solution to fully meet the construction needs of Beibei District government's new building. Now let's introduce the solution in detail:

the overall idea of Huawei's agile Park Network: oneortwo platforms (one wired and wireless, two platforms for network operation and maintenance management and access security authentication)

First: Huawei's agile park network provides one wired and wireless integration, which is no longer the traditional wired and wireless network

1. Huawei s12708 adopts self-developed ENP chip to provide wireless AP and wireless user access management functions. The hardware processes wireless CAPWAP data, up to T-level hardware exchange capacity, which greatly reduces the CPU load when traditional AC adopts tunnel forwarding to ensure the safety of wireless data transmission, and expands the wireless access forwarding performance; At the same time, with the help of vertical virtualization technology, wired access, wireless access, convergence and core virtualization into a system, which greatly simplifies the network structure; Then it is managed uniformly through Huawei esight network management platform, and the configuration is distributed, so that the access devices (access switches and wireless APS) can be plug and play

as a government affairs office, while requiring high performance of data exchange, it should ensure security. Huawei's ENP chip supports the unified management of wired users, wireless APS and users. While reducing the cost of sub construction and maintenance, it ensures the performance and security of wireless data transmission, truly realizes the integration of wired and wireless, and greatly reduces the workload of network operation and maintenance

2 Huawei s12708 switch also provides CSS2, the only virtualization technology in the industry. This technology only requires data to be exchanged across frames once, and the delay is only 21us, which is the lowest cross frame delay in the industry, and only 60% of the average delay in the industry. In the case of virtualization, traditional network manufacturers using service interface clusters require that each switch have at least one master, and CSS2 has created a unique technology of single master managing the entire cluster system, As long as there is a master controller in the whole cluster, the system can work normally and realize 1 + n backup of the master controller

with the help of Huawei s12708 switch, the reliability of the core network of Beibei District government building is further guaranteed, so that the business can be uninterrupted for 24 hours in the case of multiple failures of the master engine, and the data forwarding can be processed in time, making the business response faster

3. Huawei s12700 series switches support 48*10ge, 8*100ge and other high-density line speed cards. The whole machine can support 576 10GE ports and 96 100ge ports at most, which can fully meet the needs of large bandwidth applications such as multimedia video conferencing and data access, and protect users' investment plans for the next five years

thanks to the high data forwarding performance of the core switch, the data expansion of Beibei District government building in the next 5 to 10 years is guaranteed, which makes the future network big data exchange no longer a bottleneck

two platforms: unified operation and maintenance management platform (Huawei esight road management platform graphene is one of the thinnest, most powerful and softest materials in the world in History), and unified access authentication platform (Huawei agile controller authentication platform)

1 Huawei esight unified management platform provides unified performance, alarm, resource, configuration and topology capabilities for the whole equipment, realizes unified management of the whole equipment, and improves operation and maintenance efficiency

first, Huawei esight tube provides the management function of multi vendor network devices. For the managed devices, the network structure and changes in the topology can be monitored in real time through IP topology, link management, etc

the second esight tube integrates intelligent configuration tools (zero configuration deployment, vertical virtualization), can manage configuration files and device software, and can automatically distribute configuration files and update software versions of devices; Huawei esight tube further integrates the network quality perception test function. This function is based on the network packet conservation algorithm. It is the first time in the industry to achieve multi input multi output multi-point quality measurement, breaking through the problem of traditional point-to-point monitoring deployment. Through enhanced sub domain packet conservation monitoring, it not only provides quality monitoring of connectionless networks, but also provides accurate fault location capability, and realizes quality monitoring + accurate fault location

third, Huawei esight unified management platform also provides WLAN full life cycle management, including visual planning, and simple and efficient wireless network planning through professional tools; It can not only carry out rapid service configuration, complete service opening in three steps, provide active operation and maintenance capabilities, from overall to local user 3 technical parameters 60 quality perception, wireless positioning, but also one click end-to-end fault diagnosis, interference source location, spectrum analysis capabilities based on search, so as to achieve efficient troubleshooting of wireless networks

it is the Huawei esight management platform that enables the unified management and maintenance of networks, servers, storage and other devices. It reflects that we will seize this great opportunity. At the same time, the zero configuration deployment, vertical virtualization deployment and WLAN component components it provides further simplify the development and subsequent operation and maintenance management, ensure the positioning and fault tracking of wireless access, and quickly solve business/equipment faults through end-to-end visual diagnosis, It improves the fault handling efficiency of Beibei government information department and reduces the loss of government and enterprise business caused by the fault

in addition, Huawei esight manages to reasonably allocate network resources, dynamically configure network loads, and effectively enhance network utilization; 7 * 24-hour real-time monitoring of network performance and network alarm, timely notifying the operation and maintenance personnel, quickly sensing the network quality and fault problems, quickly responding to network faults, and ensuring the non blocking operation of the business. Greatly improve operation and maintenance efficiency and reduce costs

2. Huawei agile controller unified authentication platform is a park policy controller based on SDN architecture

first of all, Huawei agile controller provides a variety of strategies for centralized control of permissions, applications, bandwidth, QoS, security and so on, so as to realize the unified access management of enterprise office personnel, operation and maintenance personnel, and visitors, and ensure the free movement and business experience of users

secondly, Huawei agile controller not only integrates a variety of authentication management protocols, but also authorization management in various ways (based on user group, account number, role, SSID, time period, terminal IP address, terminal device group, access device group, terminal compliance inspection results, etc.), It also provides a variety of terminal identification functions and terminal identification capabilities based on a variety of methods (supporting SNMP, user agent, DHCP, MAC oui and other terminal identification)

third, Huawei agile controller provides business accompanying function and supports security group authorization. It can not only plan permissions, applications, bandwidth, QoS, security, and unified deployment of policies based on security groups, but also link agile switches, NGFW firewalls, SVN customs and other devices. Finally, user roles and IP are decoupled, greatly reducing the workload of maintenance personnel. In addition, Huawei agile controller also provides multi-level QoS experience guarantee, queue based scheduling security group traffic, asset management and other functions

with the help of Huawei agile controller's unified access authentication platform, the business accompanying function module provided by Huawei agile controller can be linked to convergence, core agile switches and firewall devices for unified authentication strategy deployment and distribution (orderly management and distribution through the web interface); While ensuring safe access, it not only enhances the control ability, implements the strategy based on the unified user identity for the whole device, but also simplifies the network planning and avoids repeated work, so that the administrator does not need to pay attention to the user's IP address when configuring the strategy, and does not need to repeatedly configure the strategy one device by one. It greatly reduces the workload of network maintenance personnel and provides the work efficiency of network maintenance

Huawei has created a safe, reliable, easy to manage, easy to maintain and fully covered wired and wireless office for the new park of Beibei District government. Staff and visitors can safely enjoy the network anytime and anywhere, the office efficiency has been significantly improved, and the workload of network maintenance has been greatly reduced. In this regard, director Liu of Beibei District Information Center said: Thank Huawei. It is the pride of Chinese people to have enterprises like Huawei. Jinan has a gold testing development history. At present, the park network is running stably, and the network failure rate is almost zero. We will continue to choose Huawei for the subsequent phase III and IV construction

up to now, Huawei's agile park network solution has been widely used in government, education, medical treatment, transportation, large enterprises, finance and other industries, bringing users convenient, rich, safe and reliable network services. Facing the future, Huawei will continue to innovate and strive to provide customers in various industries with the best products and network solutions

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