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Hubei accelerates the research and development progress of new agricultural machinery such as chestnut harvesting equipment

chestnut is delicious and difficult to harvest. After continuous technical research, the chestnut harvesting equipment developed by the Engineering College of Huazhong Agricultural University in conjunction with relevant enterprises is expected to hold a field demonstration of chestnut mechanical harvesting in Luotian County, Hubei Province in mid September

at 2:00 p.m. on August 15 and 5, and in the afternoon of August 9, Wan Yong, vice governor of Hubei Province, investigated and investigated the research and development and utilization of new materials in the Mountain Orchard conveyor Exhibition Park and aquatic scientific research base of Huazhong Agricultural University. To a certain extent, he showed his innovative ability and comprehensive national strength; From the domestic point of view, the automatic chestnut harvester was operated and tested on site. Relevant scientific researchers have successively operated and displayed three chestnut harvesting machines and hand-held chestnut harvesting devices, with harvesting heights ranging from 3.4 meters to 8 meters. They are equipped with excavator chassis, equipped with tapping execution system, operation positioning system, walking system and control system, to achieve all-round and non dead angle harvesting and automatic collection of fallen chestnuts. The harvesting efficiency is 4-6 chestnuts/hour, and it takes less than 10 minutes to finish beating a tree chestnut and other nuts, The efficiency is more than 5 times that of manual work. The cost of mass production of the whole machine is expected to be no more than 20000 yuan/set, which is suitable for hilly and mountainous areas and areas with large field slopes. See the application form for the charging standard of large-scale and standardized chestnut orchards

it is reported that in the next stage, R & D teams and production enterprises will be organized to go to the chestnut planting area to carry out the first round of field trials of the prototype, improve the functional design and technical scheme of the prototype, improve the development of the second round of prototype, and coordinate relevant enterprises to carry out small batch production

Wan Yong exchanged relevant technical parameters, research investment and future improvement direction with the scientific researchers of the R & D team. Wan Yong said that Mountain Orchard transporters such as chestnut harvesting equipment have solved the problem of "agricultural products going down the mountain and means of production going up the mountain". Hubei should increase government support, speed up the research and development progress of new agricultural machinery such as chestnut harvesters, open the demonstration machine field as soon as possible, and gradually release the production capacity of Jinyu high-end precision cast aluminum alloy material project. On the basis of fully listening to farmers' opinions, improve the technical scheme to achieve complete functions Simple operation, moderate price, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency

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