The world's eyes on China at the Paris Conference

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How does the host country view China's role in the conference? The people's all media platform (central kitchen) today revealed a few details

on the Seine River, the core of Paris. The external wall of the French Ministry of foreign affairs has posted huge posters promoting the Paris Conference several months ago. In addition to French slogans such as "no more action is too late" and "7billion residents, one earth", the large Chinese character "joint efforts to combat climate change" is particularly eye-catching. It not only feels the expectations of France and the world for China, the largest developing country, but also feels proud of China's fruitful efforts in addressing climate change

slogans on the exterior wall of the French Ministry of foreign affairs. Wangyuanshe, the French special envoy for the protection of the earth who visited China with French President Hollande in early November, can also do experiments such as material tightening and twists. Nicolas yulo told me that with China's continuous efforts in the field of environmental protection and the development of low-carbon economy, its role in international climate negotiations will become more active and important. He was pleased to see that while stressing the necessary efforts made by developed countries, China also promised to provide financial support to developing countries to help them achieve energy transformation

Fatih Birol, director of the International Energy Agency, also spoke highly of China's contribution to global climate change. He said that he was impressed by China's plan to launch a national carbon emission trading system in 2017 to curb domestic coal demand, covering power and heavy industry. The change of China's growth mode towards a less energy intensive direction will have a significant impact on the development trend of the global energy sector. Today, China is the world's largest wind power market and the world's largest producer of hydropower. China's annual new solar photovoltaic installed capacity is also more than that of any other country. Last year, China's investment in new renewable energy power generation capacity was equivalent to the sum of the European Union and the United States... These achievements were b) in an environment with a relative humidity of no more than 30%; Praised by Birol

the conference officer specially provides Chinese help service (as shown in the lower left corner)

the meeting between the leaders of China and France during the Paris conference will enable China to carry out higher-level cooperation with other countries in dealing with major environmental issues facing the world

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