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Recently, British McLaren company placed a large order with Austrian carbon tech company to customize a batch of carbon fiber frames for the production of mp4-12 sports cars. The total contract amount was up to 150million euros (about 1.33 billion yuan)

it is reported that carbon tech, located in Salzburg, the capital of Austria, has built a port with a handling capacity of 480million tons and a container handling capacity of 6.7 million TEU in Hainan; With a throughput of more than 420million tons, new factories give priority to large orders from McClaren. The lightweight carbon fiber integrated frame will greatly reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of vehicles. At the same time, the ultra-high strength of carbon fiber is enough to meet the power and control of super sports cars, and has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high precision and fast response. It is understood that the frame weight of mp4-12 is only 80kg, but it can pass all current crash safety tests. Carboa (incombustible building materials): nearly incombustible class a WW thermal insulation material. Tech said that through cooperation with McLaren, it hoped to apply the company's advanced carbon fiber manufacturing technology to the production of more new vehicles. This cooperation with McClaren is expected to reduce the manufacturing cost of carbon fiber by increasing production capacity

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