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Paying attention to indoor air quality, choosing green decoration, and creating a safe, healthy and comfortable home environment are the general attitude and basic requirements of house decoration nowadays. The wall surface is the largest part of home decoration, and the selection of interior wall paint should pay special attention to environmental protection performance. However, there are various paint products and environmental protection concepts on the market, and it is difficult for ordinary customers to distinguish the authenticity. Therefore, many consumers believe that interior wall paint with low odor or no odor must be environmental protection. This is a misunderstanding of environmental protection of coatings: because interior wall paint can achieve odor free through the use of low flavor lotion materials, and odorless products are not all free of harmful substances

since environmental protection cannot be based solely on feelings, how should we judge the environmental protection of interior wall paint? The most professional way is to see whether the environmental protection indicators meet the standards. According to gb18582 "limits of harmful substances in interior wall coatings of interior decoration materials", there are three key environmental indicators of interior wall paint: VOC, free formaldehyde and heavy metals. VOC is the most important environmental protection evaluation standard

voc, named volatile organic compounds in Chinese, is a hidden killer of home decoration pollution. It is released in large quantities during the drying process of interior wall paint, and a trace is slowly distributed in long-term daily life. The existence of VOC gives people the most intuitive feeling that it has obvious smell. When VOC reaches a certain concentration in the air, its smell will directly cause discomfort to human body. Therefore, the decorated house needs one to two months or even longer to disperse the flavor before you can rest assured to move in. Even so, after closing the windows and doors for a long time, the room will produce a pungent smell, which comes from VOC

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due to the potential health impact of VOC, the international mainstream environmental protection standard certification system and regulations strictly control the content of this substance; At present, low VOC or VOC free interior wall paint has become the mainstream coating products in Europe and the United States. In the past two years, with the high attention paid by the state to environmental protection, the relevant administrative departments have successively introduced the limit requirements for the environmental protection performance of building materials, especially the VOC content index of interior wall paint:

standards or regulations &mdash& mdash; VOC Control Index of water-based interior wall paint

hj/t201-2005 technical requirements for environmental labeling products water-based paint ≤ 80g/L

ral-uz102-2000 (German blue angel environmental logo) 700ppm (about 1.05g/l)

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