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The market has gradually become saturated, and it is more and more difficult and cautious to start their own businesses. With more and more people buying houses, the building materials industry has developed better, especially the customized wardrobe has become the leader of the future wardrobe industry. Many people see future business opportunities, but many wardrobe franchisees will consider many factors

question1: wardrobe brand selection

with the improvement of modern people's living standards and quality of life, the requirements for home decoration are also more exquisite. More and more people begin to pursue brands, and the power of brands gradually begins to become irreplaceable. Therefore, wardrobe franchisees who choose to join wardrobe should understand the popularity and publicity of this brand in the market in advance

question2: how to investigate the manufacturer

after determining the wardrobe brand, the wardrobe franchisee now needs to know more about the strength of the brand manufacturer, and should investigate the manufacturer's production scale and comprehensive strength on the spot. Generally, customized wardrobes need a certain delivery time. If the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer is not enough, once the order volume is large, it will cause unnecessary complaints from customers in the later stage

question3: product quality and after-sales issues

in addition to relying on brand influence, product quality is very important. Customers' first consideration in choosing products is product quality, environmental protection, after-sales and other issues. If the product quality passes the customs and the after-sales service is good, it means that the customer's reputation is good, and the customer says that is really good. Therefore, while inspecting the strength of manufacturers, wardrobe franchisees should visit plates, products and workmanship procedures

question4: supporting policies given by brand manufacturers

I believe this is a matter of concern for many businesses. It is necessary to invest a certain amount of money in joining a wardrobe brand. Since you want to join, you must put money first. Since you want to join this brand, what policies do you give to help us make money? First, in addition to product price concessions, manufacturers should be responsible for irregularly helping agents operate, On the other hand, we use the manufacturer's own platform to bring customers to our agents and maintain a sustained and stable order volume

in fact, there are many problems that the wardrobe franchising agents are concerned about. I won't list them here one by one, but just give a question that will be often considered as a reference

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