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The core heating technology of shangnuanjia self heating ceramic tile adopts the carbon element heater independently developed by the company, which successfully combines the two industries of floor heating and ceramic tile., The enterprises we cooperate with can sell both floor heating and ceramic tiles. When selling a product, we can get the profits of these two industries, so as to maximize the profits

it is precisely because shangnuanjia self heating ceramic tile adopts the carbon element heater independently developed by the company, so its characteristics are different from traditional plumbing, traditional electric floor heating and other brand heating ceramic tiles. Compared with traditional water heating, traditional electric heating and other brand heating tiles, shangnuanjia has the following characteristics: 1 Shangnuanjia self heating ceramic tiles are low to zero radiation, which can be safely used by the elderly, pregnant women and newborn babies, with high safety. 2. Shangnuanjia self heating tiles have fast heating time, uniform heating and good heating effect. It can increase the indoor temperature by 6-8 degrees within 9 minutes 3. Integrated and modular structure design, simple installation and no floor height. Bricks and floor heating have been perfectly combined. After customers buy them, they can install them directly, which can eliminate the complex brick laying process of traditional electric floor heating. 4. Shangnuanjia self heating ceramic tile can be compounded with any ceramic tile on the market, and the product has strong expansibility. High frequency not only sells finished bricks, but also promotes heating technology to the whole country. We will give a full guidance on heating equipment and pressing technology. When the customer and we reach a composite agreement, as long as they rent a warehouse of about 150 square meters locally and buy presses and composite materials from us, we will send professionals to provide on-site guidance to ensure that the customer can composite with any local brand of ceramic tiles, And ensure that each piece of heating ceramic tile can be 100% waterproof, anti electric leakage, anti-oxidation and zero radiation, while eliminating the complex project of wiring. 5. Shangnuanjia self heating tiles have a long service life and do not need after-sales maintenance, which can save consumers a lot of costs

the traditional ceramic tile and decorative building materials industry is not optimistic, and there are the following pain points 1 There is a serious surplus of production. 2. Price transparency. 3. The cost increases, and there is no profit space. 4. Serious product homogenization. 5. Single function. 6. Insufficient innovation. 7. Differentiation of production areas and sales channels. There are also several problems with traditional floor heating. 1 Central heating mode is aging. 2. Environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher. 3. High energy consumption. 4. Serious product homogenization

be brave in innovation and change the traditional mode! Shangnuanjia heating ceramic tile is a good product project in the floor heating industry. It can meet the needs of consumers and the floor heating industry market. It is a technical product integrating ceramic tile + floor heating + intelligent control + health care, which is safe, environmentally friendly and comfortable to use. At the same time, shangnuanjia has a large enough market (the scale of electric heating market is more than 100 billion), a good profit margin (gross profit is more than 60%), the best after-sales service (free service for 30 years), and certain barriers

?? In general, shangnuanjia self heating ceramic tile is a product with affordable price, energy conservation and environmental protection, long service life, high safety and simple pavement. Especially in this wet and cold winter in the south, it not only keeps warm, but also keeps healthy. It is a brand worthy of ownership and trust by consumers, but also a brand from which partners can obtain the highest profits




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