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Loving your mother is not only milk tea, but also carnations. Come and choose a set of customized storage furniture for your mother! Comfortable living custom storage furniture is the gospel of mothers

last Sunday was mother's day. Xiaobian's circle of friends was blasted by various "mothers". Mother's Day is like meeting parents. Xiaobian saw everyone's mother again. In fact, we all know the mood of everyone. However, loving your mother is not just a brush in the circle of friends, nor is it just a performance on Mother's day. Love her, not only milk tea, love her mother, not just carnations. It's also possible to choose a set of customized storage furniture to live in comfort! (hey, don't insert advertisements on this topic of "dou" and "Bi"). Customized storage furniture for comfortable living is simply the gospel of mothers

(1) bedroom

customized wardrobe, a little expert for mother's storage. May is the season change time. It's really not easy to put away winter clothes and take out summer clothes. Comfortable living custom wardrobe helps mothers solve these problems. Various combinations, such as storage cabinet + storage drawer, hanging + stacking, make storage simple and orderly. Clothes are placed in different seasons and types, and clothes suitable for wearing can be found in any season

(2) living room

the design of milky white and Tan is original. The light color gives people a lively feeling, and the storage function is not vulgar. Below this TV cabinet is a storage cabinet with double cabinet doors and four moderately sized pull-out cabinets, which are well structured. The magic cube design composed of four square cabinets on the upper floor is simple but not simple. These small cabinets can be used to put some things that are not commonly used. What is more distinctive is that the middle and right lateral open storage space is composed of practical and wide storage space, which can accommodate furnishings, alcohol and magazines, which is very convenient. The simple appearance design is full of fashion sense, simple and beautiful

(3) study article

in our impression, the study is always surrounded by many fragmentary items. Just before you know it, the space is occupied wantonly. It's really troublesome to clean up. The comfortable overall bookcase perfectly combines the bookcase with the desk, makes proper use of the position of the corner, and makes limited use of the space of the study to make the study wider. The whole bookcase is a combination of new pragmatism and modern style, simple and generous

comfortable living custom storage furniture helps you express your meticulous love for your mother, reduce the burden for your mother, and let love permeate every corner of the home. Since the world is so big, it's better to live in comfort




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